Disabled Writer 'Runs' a Marathon through Poetry

April 9, 2018
Editor: Chen Caixia
Disabled Writer 'Runs' a Marathon through Poetry
Wang Yi [China Women's News]


Wang Yi, sitting in her wheelchair at the center of the huge stage, attracted people's attention with her new book Love Never Ends at the 2018 Nanjing Book Fair launched at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center recently.

"Love, never ends. / The road ahead never ends. / Every stretch feels like an unknown trip. /No matter how long, how rough, it’ll bring us certainty……”This poem comes from her new book, which deeply touched the audiences present.

Hearing other people reading her poem, Wang cannot help smiling from time to time. Sadly, she cannot read aloud herself due to cerebral palsy.

Wang can't speak clearly or move around.When she struggles with physical difficulties, her parents seldom help her directly. "She went to school and lived her daily life like a normal child. She is even more stronger and independent than her peers," said Wang Fenggang, her father.

At the age of 29, Wang has typed over 500,000 Chinese characters with just one finger and published five books.

Her father recalled that the doctor of Nanjing Children's Hospital once said there was no hope for eight-month-old Wang's recovery.

Her mother, Lü Kaiping, heard the word "cerebral palsy" for the first time and felt desperate. "We were not supposed to accept it. We sold our furniture and borrowed money from our relatives to see doctors in Beijing,” she said.

After two surgeries in the People's Hospital of Beijing Medical University, Wang could sit and stand with stability. She suffered and paid a large price to be like a 'normal' person.

Her parents insisted on sending her to a regular school when she was 9. Lü began to accompany her to school in the morning, taking her to the restroom during rest time twice a day, and bringing her back home after school, from then until she finished middle school.

"At that time, there was no proper schooling philosophy for disabled children. But what we did changed Wang Yi's whole life." Lü said.

Wang told the journalist that she has to learn to be independent, not only because parents will become old one day, but also because a person needs to live on a strong will.

(Source: China Women's News/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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