ALS Angel: Much Loved Even After She Has Gone

January 12, 2018
Editor: Anne Chen


Lou Tao, a 29-year-old student from the Tujia minority in Enshi county, central China’s Hubei province, died on January 1 after suffering a two-year battle against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Lou Tao was kind, positive and outstanding in study, and even voluntarily signed a paper to donate her organs after her death. Her family and friends will forever remember her love, respect, hope and warmth to the world.

“If I die, my head can be used for medical research. I sincerely hope ALS can be cured one day and no one else will suffer from it,” she had declared.

“As for my other organs, they can be used for saving the lives of anyone who needs them. Please cast my remaining ashes into the Yangtze River, and do not use any land to make a grave or bring any burdens to society,” she added.

In October 2017, many people were deeply touched by the will of Lou, who was majoring in Ancient Egyptian History at Peking University. Fundraising information spread quickly through WeChat users in Hubei and Beijing, and donations collected by people from all walks of life amounted to millions of yuan.

Unfortunately, her wishes were not all able to be met. Due to current regulations and the requirements of the medical industry, her organs could not be donated. Her body, however, was indeed cremated and her ashes were cast into the river of her hometown, according to her last wish.

(Source: China Women's News)

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