Rising Chinese Movie Star Yu Nan

May 16, 2007
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Rising Chinese Movie Star Yu Nan

Yu Nan in the film The Story of Er Mei (Jing Zhe) [163.com]

When actress Yu Nan appeared at a news conference to present her film Tuya's Marriage, which won the top Golden Bear Award at the annual Berlin film festival held this year, people found it hard to believe that the elegant woman was the boorish and strong Mongolian woman in the movie.


Yu Nan always looks upbeat before an audience. She said, "There is no mechanism for pop stars to develop like that in Hollywood or Hong Kong. Hopefully, I wish to establish myself through good performance."

Ten years ago, Yu Nan passed the entry examination and was admitted by the Beijing Film Academy. Although she could not sing or dance well enough then, she was able to excel at the exam.

Yu Nan met Wang Quan'an by chance. Wang went to Beijing Film Academy to choose an actress for his movie Lunar Eclipse. When he passed by a classroom where a teacher was criticizing his students, he saw all the students hanging their heads down except for one girl who sat with her head up. That girl was Yu Nan. Then Wang Quan'an knew immediately that she was the person he wanted for his movie. Yu Nan won best actress at the France International Dewey Film Festival for her part in Lunar Eclipse. Later she was chosen by a French director to appear in his film Rage.

North of Shannxi

When she was taking part in her third movie The Story of Er Mei (Jing Zhe), Yu Nan said that she experienced a great deal of pressure because she could not understand the director's intention at first.

Then she realized that she should fully immerse herself in the local life. So at 5 o'clock each morning, she got up and made breakfast. And after work in the evening, she went home and prepared dinner. In the end, she was living the life of an ordinary woman in northern Shannxi Province and began to understand her part., which won her the Golden Rooster Awards for Films that year. However, nobody knew who she was.


When Tuya's Marriage was showed in Berlin in February 10, the media reported that even the thick clothes and red scarf could not cover her beauty. She had a beautiful and expressive face.

Yu Nan said that the iron-willed Mongolian woman had a passion for Tuya. "That is a kind of inner strength." She said, "The Mongolian woman always walks before her man. Tuya has a kind of feminine attraction that is different from Han women."

Before the movie was made, Yu Nan went to Mongolia and stayed there for several months. She became a "real" Mongolian, comfortable with horses and camels. She said, "I don't think that I was just acting as a Mongolian. I feel like I am one of them, a Mongol woman who is married and has babies and is content with her life on the grasslands."

Rising Chinese Movie Star Yu Nan

In 2006, Yu Nan signed a contract with CAA, an international talent management company. She played in the movie Quan Zhang (Diamond Dogs), a Hollywood production. She also played a part in Wang Xiaoshuai's new work Left and Right and Taiwan woman director Lee Yun-chan's My DNA Says I Love You, respectively. She has taken on more challenges since she has gone to Hollywood. "You should be able to perform well. People there always say 'time is money' and you will not be given much time."

In Quan Zhang, which was called the Chinese version of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Yu Nan played the role of an Asian woman who is a capable businesswoman. She recalls, "The director did not trust Asian actresses. I just wanted to let them recognize me. As the movie being shot, he began to know me better and became comfortable with my performance."

Yu Nan is often compared to movie star Gong Li. They both have pretty faces and have both won international prizes. Yu Nan admired Gong Li, and even regarded Gong Li her role model. She said, "There is no accident that Gong Li is famous. She has inner beauty. I believe that the way she wins the world is admirable."

(Source: sina.com.cn/ Translated by Women of China)

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