Sun Li: a Lucky Girl with Ready Hands

February 23, 2006
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Sun Li: a Lucky Girl with Ready Hands Sun Li is definitely a lucky girl. Without any professional training in acting, the 23-year-old has grown into one of the most popular actresses in China in less than three years.

Ever since she picked up acting with the popular TV drama Jade Goddess of Mercy in 2003, Sun has played leading roles in more than 10 TV series. She has just started shooting a remake of Shanghai Grand, a TV play aiming to supplant the 1980 original starring Chow Yun-fat and Chiu A-chi.

Her film debut in Fearless is now being screened worldwide. The last martial arts epic starring Chinese kung fu star Jet Li, the film has brought Sun international recognition.

"I am quite lucky, but the basis for my achievements is hard work. Good luck goes only into ready hands," said Sun in a recent interview.

About growing up

Sun was born in Shanghai in 1982. When she was five, she started studying dancing and visited many countries in the following years as a budding dancer.

At 15, Sun joined an army performance troupe as a young soldier. Three years of army life taught her to be mentally strong. It also left her with many unforgettable memories.

"I did physical labor with other soldiers. We farmed, fed pigs and had military drills. Life was hard but quite interesting," Sun once recalled.

Army life also gave her team spirit. She did her best in each performance contest and earned many honors for her troupe.

"I always try my best. This might be one of the reasons for my quick success," said Sun.

About Fearless

In Fearless, Sun plays the role of Yueci, a blind girl who offers help to the film's hero, Fok Yuen-gap (Jet Li). Yueci is considered one of the most important people in the life of Fok, one of China's national heroes.

Sun was selected for the role based on her pure looks and her sensitive portrayal of the inner world of her characters in TV dramas.

The actress is quite satisfied with her film debut.

"When I first watched the completed film, I was moved to tears, as all the hardships in shooting came to mind. I love this film and I think I have done my work well," she said.

Sun has frequently expressed her appreciation of Jet Li.

"Li is my idol. He encouraged me and I learned a lot from him. I think the strength of the many roles he played actually comes from his strong personality. I hope to be like him," she said.

About Shanghai Grand

Sun considers her leading role in Shanghai Grand, which began shooting February 1, a major challenge.

"The 1980 version of the drama is a classic and has impressed millions of Chinese people. I don't expect that I can do a better job. But anyway, I'll try my best and bring something different to the audience," Sun said.

New Year's wish

For the coming year, Sun hopes she can win more audience recognition as an actress. She also dreams of practicing calligraphy and spoken English. Despite her busy schedule, she expects to build up her own blog pages to better communicate with her fans.

"I want to learn more things. I don't want to be regarded as a beautiful vase, but a person with a rich mind. My present wish is for a good holiday so I can do some traveling," she said.

(Source: Shenzhen Daily February 8, 2006)




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