Celebrity Blogger Talks About Blogging

February 28, 2006
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Celebrity Blogger Talks About Blogging Very soon, the greetings we exchange with each other may change from "How are you today?" to "Have you blogged today?". 

That's how some people are describing the speed at which Internet blogging is invading our lives. And now, the trend has even gone on to infect celebrities.


Today, let's follow the footsteps of China's most popular celebrity blogger, Xu Jinglei.


Xu Jinglei is regarded by many to be China's most intellectual actress. From acting to directing and writing, it seems she' always finding ways to speak out on what she wants to say. And she' certainly been successful in attracting enough listeners.

Her internet blog on sina.com has received a reported 10 million clicks, only 4 months since her entries began being posted.


Celebrity Blogger Talks About Blogging So what exactly does Xu Jinglei write about in her journal online? Well, sometimes she writes about her daily life, sometimes about her work and her new film, and sometimes about showbiz news, for example, the recent dispute between director Chen Kaige and digital video maker Hu Ge. She updates her online diary everyday, sometimes even posting pictures of herself, most of which are not about the glamorous actress on stage, but about her ordinary life. She says she doesn't want to make a distinction between the online diaries of celebrities and ordinary people.  


"I don't make a distinction between photos from my celebrity life or my very normal personal life. Because I don't think I'm any different than anyone else. Sometimes I like to take a picture of myself with my mobile phone. Sometimes I'll capture my friends around me. I upload them all on to the internet."  


Perhaps lured by the celebrity's personal world, or maybe touched by her candid way of writing, web surfers are flocking to read Xu Jinglei's blog, and each article is receiving thousands of comments at least. Xu Jinglei says she didn't expect her blog to be so popular, but those comments are exactly the reason why she loves blogging so much.   


Celebrity Blogger Talks About Blogging "I love to read the comments to my articles. Not because they're all positive, but because they're true. For example, if an acquaintance tells me he loves my movie, he might just be flattering or comforting to me. But people tend to be very straight-forward on the internet, because we don't know each other."   


Xu Jinglei's strength in writing is a big reason why her blog has been so popular. And a celebrity commenting on the show-biz world is another great attraction. But some internet analysts say the biggest reason for her online popularity is that there's no pretence in her articles, and that unlike some other famous people, she tries to be true to life and to herself.  



(Source: CRIENGLISH.com February 28, 2006) 



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