Wang Qiuyang: a Delicate but Determined Woman Entrepreneur

February 3, 2008
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Ms Wang Qiuyang has an adventurous personality. []

Wang Qiuyang is the executive president of Antaeus Group, a well-known real-estate enterprise in Beijing. Wang was born and raised in a mountainous area of Fujian Province, where her father was stationed as deputy commander of a field army. After graduating from the school of journalism at Beijing Broadcast Institute (now the Communication University of China), she began working as a film art director for Nanking Army Culture Ministry before she stepped into the real estate industry.
An Adventurous Personality
She works in a spacious 100 sqm office, inside of which there is nothing more than a clean desk and chair. , “I like the feeling of space, there is no need to keep anything redundant,” she said.
She is an avid traveler and adventurer. She loves large and fierce animals like leopards and giant Tibetan mastiffs instead of cute small pets, which are usually preferred by women. She enjoys driving large suv’s like Land Rovers or Hummers. From the outward appearances, however, she looks quite feminine and elegant, sitting there in a composed manner with her long hair tucked on one side of her shoulder. She is wearing a vest and cotton trousers. This combined with her gentle voice and slim body structure make it difficult to imagine her as a successful businesswoman who has traveled to the Antarctica, has climbed Mount Everest, and has driven by herself to Tibet and many other distant and dangerous places. She is by all means a perfect combination of outward softness with inner strength.
Beijing— Where the Success Begins
In early 1990s, Ms Wang and her husband Zhang Baoquan left the army to start their career in business. Ten years later, the couple had made incomparable achievements in Beijing’s real estate industry. Everyday, she spends the entire morning exercising, usually swimming or running. She arrives at work around noon and deals with her company’s daily affairs throughout the afternoon or sometimes till late at night.
Although she has been running her business in Beijing for over a decade and buildings constructed by her company can be seen all over Beijing, she feels she has gradually become estranged from this city. She prefers to live away from the urban world and she feel she has lost herself inside the Beijing’s dark forest of cement buildings. “Zhang Baoquan said that I have a city phobia, but I know I still have an emotional dependence on this city, the city which has made me successful.” Ms Wang said.
Tibet— Wang's Dream Hometown
Ms. Wang likes the feeling of being “on the road”. On her traveling tour, no matter how difficult the situation is, she never shows impatience or feels frustration. She gets fully immersed in the surrounding scenery, both attractive and depressing.
In addition to possessing excellent management abilities, Wang pushes herself to excel outside the boardroom as well. In 2003, she made her first long motoring trip to Xinjiang and Tibet in a Ranger Rover. On the plateau, gorgeous views including bright colorful prayer flags flying in the wind, stone tablets carved with Tibetan prayer characters piling up by roads or rivers, turquoise blue lakes, vast grasslands dotted by white and black sheep or cows blessed by snow-capped holy mountains all  enchanted her.
When she stays in Tibet, she winds her hairs the way Tibetan girls do and wears turquoise earrings and necklaces and big silver rings decorated with amber. Local Tibetans have taken her as a Tibetan before and talked with her in Tibetan language. Since they believe in reincarnation, they told her that she must have been a Tibetan in her last life.
Because of the tour to Tibet she made in 2003, she and Mr. Zhang later decided to donate 10 million RMB to help build schools in two counties of the outlying Ali Prefecture in the Tibetan region. The Apple Education Foundation thus came into being.
The foundation was registered in May 2005, and has pledged to donate 5 million RMB per year, with a continued focus on Ali. Part of the funds will go into building schools, providing scholarships to students from nomadic families and training teachers. A medical program aims to offer training for “barefoot doctors”, as well as providing free medicines for all of 138 natural villages in seven counties within the prefecture.
Like Mother Like Son
On February 22, 2007, a nine-year-old boy Zhang Muyuan became the youngest person to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the highest peak in Africa. Along with him was his 11-year-old brother Zhang Muyao and some adult team members.
The brothers had soon attracted the attention of the worldwide media, and they are sons of Wang Qiuyang. Wang didn’t expect that it would arouse such keen interest from the public; she said she just wanted to teach them to achieve their goals and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. When they reached the summit of the mountain, she felt that she was the happiest mother in the world.
Since Ms. Wang rarely stays in Beijing and cannot spend much time with her sons ,  she makes good use of her time with them. Her sons admire her greatly and  feels she is a  good role model for her sons as well.
Bio of Wang Qiuyang
1986: Joined the army and worked inside the military system for eight years
1993: Graduated from Communication University of China
1994: Founded Antaeus Group and became its co-president
1998: Explored in Antarctica with China Scientific Expedition Group
2000: Backpacked around Europe
June 2003: Drove from through Tibet and Xinjiang region
July 2003: Drove through Lob Nor Region in Xinjiang Autonomous Region
Oct. 2003: Donated 10 million RMB to Ali, setting up the Apple Education Foundation
May 2004: Climbed Siguniang Mount (5454m) in Sichuan Province
July 2004: Climbed Mount Elbrus (5640m), Europe's highest peak
Feb. 2005: Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m), the highest peak in Africa
Apr. 2005: Explored the Arctic, reaching the North Pole on foot
Dec. 2005: Reached the highest point in Antarctica, Vinson Massif (4897m)
Oct. 2006: Climbed Mt. Cho Oyu, the sixth highest peak in the world
May 2007: Climbed to the peak of Mt. Everest (8844 m) …
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