Liu Ya'nan: Sharing Innovative Daily Skills in 3 Minutes

May 18, 2017
By Shen MengfeiEditor: Sherry Song
Liu Ya'nan: Sharing Innovative Daily Skills in 3 Minutes  
Liu Ya'nan, founder and CEO of Can Video. []  


In the past 10 months, the Can Video, a new cultural company which shares creative videos of daily skills, has attracted many viewers. Its founder, Liu Ya'nan, has been trying to provide people a type of lifestyle through each no-more-than-three-minute video.

Before the establishment of the video company, Liu worked as a chief editor at a web portal for 10 years, which made her become more sensitive to perceiving the public's interests and start to consider ways of spreading fun and promoting people's life quality at the same time.

In the beginning of the previous year, all major video platforms paid close attention to the pattern of Professional Generated Content (PGC). At that point, Liu soon seized on the promising trend.

After receiving angel investment of nearly 10 million yuan (U.S.$ 1,451,063) in April 2016, Liu started to organize a professional team to plan, shoot and popularize short videos.

Speaking of her idea of making videos, Liu stated that she analyzed the defects of short videos in the past, and her team tried to make changes by enhancing the quality and content of videos and emphasizing the use of social networks.

According to Liu, their first post on the microblog, a Chinese social platform, was a video to teach audiences how to cook green bean soup, drawing many fans' attention and around 30 million views.

"I found that our viewers had something in common: they not only love life and have the demand of learning living skills but are also willing to make their life better through their hands," Liu said.

Based on this understanding of Internet users, Liu and her team always tried to meet their needs and provide creative ideas when selecting video topics. For example, they have posted many interesting videos, including how to change ice cream into cake; one hundred ways of eating instant frozen dumplings; and the utilization of waste lamp bulbs.

"We always encouraged our content team to turn the impossible into everything and make ordinary things become special through our innovation," Liu said. "We are an online university of teaching daily skills and people can gain a lot from us," Liu added.

Last winter, the video view of a post that shows how to make honey citron tea through an automatic rice cooker reached over 40 million views. Even more surprising was that the team are still receiving hundreds of sets of feedback from their fans on various online social platforms, which reflected the Long Tail Effect and the viruses-like spreading model of the video, according to Liu.

In order to cater to young users' habits, they also focused on shooting videos as if they were making movies and made the contents become younger. With their diligent efforts, Can Video soon stood out from numerous video companies.

Moreover, the popularity of Can Video also led the cast of the video to be noticed by viewers. They not only displayed creative skills but also played sitcoms in videos, attracting great attention. But actually, these so-called "actors" are the video designers and editors of the company.

"We hope that fans can see what kind of people are behind Can Video. Fans are willing to follow our posts because of the company's staff, which will enhance the connection between them and us," Liu explained.

As a young startup company, good service is also essential to retain users. Liu stated that at the initial stage of the start up, she organized a service team to answer various questions about their posts.

Liu recalled that the team provided consulting every day at that time and the good service brought them a great number of followers. The company even received many fans' job applications for the company's recruitment.

In addition, the considerable number of video views and followers has drawn many advertisers. Afraid of hurting users' trust, Liu didn't accept the advertisement at the beginning. But for now, Liu confessed that they are ready to receive advertisers' offers and she promised to follow the pattern of native advertising, insisting on improve the quality of contents and protecting users' feelings.

Liu stated that starting a business is a long-term development and she could not abandon her followers for short-term interests.

When talking about her personality in this pioneering work, Liu said sensitive insight, strong will and faith in triumph helped her a lot at her post, and Liu also encouraged undergraduates to work harder and be diligent if they intend to establish businesses.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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