Woman Develops Interest into Art Business Overseas

November 2, 2017
Editor: Yang Yang
Woman Develops Interest into Art Business Overseas
Gan Tian teaches a visitor to make a rubber stamp at the Affordable Art Fair in Stockholm. [Economic Times]


The works of Chinese designer Gan Tian recently attracted hundreds of art enthusiasts at this year's Stockholm Affordable Art Fair.

Original Design Fascinates Global Art Lovers 

During the four-day fair, Gan attended on behalf of Grafikens Hus, a local engraving company. There, she taught visitors how to make rubber seals and relief prints.

Gan, 29, who comes from southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, sold nearly 100 of her own original works at the event.

She told journalists that her specialties are offset engravings and rubber seals, both of which are forms of handmade prints.

Her works combine design, painting, sculpture and handwork, with a strong personal style. They quickly made her stand out in Sweden, a country of originality and a strong aesthetic sense.

From a Curve Wrecker to an Independent Designer

Over the past eight years in Stockholm, Gan has grown into an independent designer in the art circles of Sweden from an obscure overseas student.

To many people's surprise, Gan does not major in art at all.

Due to outstanding performance, the Chinese woman graduated from the Chongqing Foreign Language School and was given admission to Nanjing University in 2005. Four years later, she successfully got the offer to attend Stockholm University and started studying abroad .

Gan said that she liked drawing and carving when she was a young girl, though she chose English as her major finally.

Speaking of her start-up, the young woman said her business started from a small rubber stamp.

At the earlier stage when she arrived at Stockholm, a classmate asked Gan to help design a logo rubber seal for her new online shop, which Gan charged 100 yuan (U.S.$ 15) as a fee.

It was just the small logo that made her classmate's online shop highly praised, attracting many people's attention to its designer.

Sensing the business opportunities, Gan began to learn the engraving-related knowledge by herself in the period of postgraduate study. In addition to self-teaching, she also surfed the Internet and communicated with professionals all over the world, improving her skills and distinguishing her from the crowd.

Over the years, her customers have extended from Sweden to France, Italy, the United States and Canada, and her charges also rose accordingly from at the minimum of 1,500 yuan (U.S.$ 226) for a rubber seal to 1,000-3,000 yuan (U.S.$ 150-452) for a single print.

In 2014, Gan established her own company in Sweden and named it Gan Tian accordingly. At the same time, she launched the website Gantian.se to share her original designs with other art enthusiasts.

In order to get more people to understand this art, Gan also opened a studio and dedicated herself to teaching creation of rubber seals and prints.

Recording Creation Videos for Edutainment

For a long time, Gan Tian has been thinking about how to combine her major in English with design. Now, she videos the details while making the stamps and prints and then releasing them online through Chinese websites.

Gan's videos are bilingual, in Mandarin and English. She hopes her followers can study English while exchanging skills, and the videos will help bridge domestic art lovers.


Woman Develops Interest into Art Business Overseas
Gan Tian's works [Economic Times]


(Source: Economic Times / Translated and edited by Gender Study Network)

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