A Look at Five Winners in National Women's Housekeeping Service Competition

 November 19, 2020
The champions of the five events in the 2nd National Women's Housekeeping Service Competition pose for a group photo. [Shandong Women's Federation]


The finals of the 2nd National Women's Housekeeping Household Service Competition was held on October 20 in Jinan, capital city of East China's Shandong Province, and five contestants stood out to take the crown in each of the five specialized events.

Let's have a look at the five champions. 

Gu Aiping: Champion of Housekeeping Manager Contest 

Gu Aiping, a housekeeping manager, participates in a hands-on assessment on October 19. [Shandong Women's Federation]


Gu Aiping, born in the 1970s, became a manger of a branch of the Sunshine Sisters, a leading housekeeping service company in Shandong Province, 13 years ago. She introduced the company brand — to districts and counties in Jining City, Shandong, with the purpose of tackling the employment problem resulting from the large excess of female labor in the countryside, and helping retired workers become re-employed.

Led by Gu, the branch has developed into a major player in the housekeeping service sector in the province.

Gu made good use of her free time after work every day to prepare for the competition, and in the final round, she performed well in both the written test and the practical contest.

"The household service industry is a project of improving people's livelihoods," Gu noted. "It is the obligation of all housekeepers to promote the professionalization, standardization and industrialization of the domestic service sector."

Liu Zhen: Champion of Housekeeping Tutor Competition 

Liu Zhen, a chief maternal and baby care technician and a professional housekeeping tutor, cooks a postpartum meal during the practical contest on October 19. [Shandong Women's Federation]


Liu Zhen, who serves as a chief maternal and baby care technician and professional housekeeping tutor, has a lot of practical experience, which helped her defeat many highly-educated opponents.

Liu has engaged in housekeeping services for 11 years and obtained professional certificates such as senior housekeeper, senior technician for old-age care, senior baby-care nurse, senior nutrition cateress and senior massage therapist.

Liu works on mother-child nursing training. She has trained more than 5,000 housekeepers for mother-baby care and gives lectures to over 3,000 teachers in vocational colleges.

Before the competition, she studied hard and gained theoretical knowledge from the textbooks, while conducting practical training based on her daily work. "Now that I am in the competition, I'll do my best," she explained.

"This competition is a combination of theory and practice, a high-standard test and a process of teaching reflection for me," Liu said, adding that she will improve her teaching quality so as to cultivate more highly-skilled housekeepers to better meet the needs of families.

Li Hui: Champion of Housework Contest 

Li Hui, an experienced housekeeper, sets the table during the practical contest on October 19. [Shandong Women's Federation]


Liu Zhen has served with her current client family for four and a half years, and her work is highly recognized.

She was a clear winner when dealing with household affairs such as cooking a family meal, cleaning a sofa and tidying clothes.

"Although the competition is over, learning never stops. I will summarize the experience gained in the competition and improve my skills," she said.

Guo Qingju: Champion of Old-Age Care Contest 

Guo Qingju, a nursing care worker, simulates nursing a paralyzed elderly woman in the hands-on assessment on October 19. [Shandong Women's Federation]


Guo Qingju became a housekeeper 14 years ago, and now she is a professional old-age care tutor.

In the final round, Guo took a quiz to find out how she would handle an emergency. In the test, "an old hemiplegic patient" was suddenly scalded. This was a test of high difficulty to investigate the comprehensive abilities of old-age care nurses. Guo's outstanding performance got a high score in the assessment.

Guo started as a maternity matron when she entered the housekeeping service industry. During her training, she has deliberately acquired the additional skill of nursing the aged. Through a further effort, she developed this skill set into her major and became one of the company's model workers.

Zhang Li: Champion of Mother-Baby Care Contest

Zhang Li, skilled at mother-baby care, simulates brushing a newborn's teeth during the practical contest on October 19. [Shandong Women's Federation]


Zhang Li has been engaged in the housekeeping service industry for 12 years and has accumulated a lot of valuable experience in newborn nursing and puerperal nursing. She is capable of dealing with baby care emergencies, and is skillful in preventing common postpartum diseases, winning the trust and praise of customers.

"You can bring fame to yourself no matter what kind of job you engage in. Everyone is worthy of respect as long as he or she is diligent and outstanding," a netizen commented when watching the awards ceremony of the competition.


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