A Disabled Girl Lives Better Life Through E-commerce

 January 5, 2020
A Disabled Girl Lives Better Life Through E-commerce
Li Mulan (1st, R) prepares agricultural products. [China Women's News]


Li Mulan, 23, was born in a village in Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, in Southwest China's Yunnan Province. Li is of Jingpo ethnic group. "Mulan" is her name that she gave herself. "I hope I can be as tough as the heroine Hua Mulan (a brave girl in an ancient Chinese legend who took her father's place in the army)," she said. 

Li's handicap was caused by acute disease when she was 9. At that time she had to quit school and lived a life isolated from the outside world. 

"This is not the life I want at all," Li said to herself. She left the village in 2016 when she was 20, swearing that she would do something meaningful or not return to the village. 

Li had tried many occupations, including jade carving and live streaming. In September 2018, she participated in an e-commerce training course for disabled people. Her destiny has been changed since then.

"The e-commerce business can operate at home and earn money online. I will not be discriminated against for my disability if I do an online business. I am less educated, so I have to practice more to catch up others," recalled Li.  e-commerce platform

Li repeatedly practiced how to operate an online shop on a computer and how to upload commodities' information, print orders and deliver goods. Since Dehong is rich in various agricultural products, she ran a shop on the e-commerce platform Pinduoduo, selling local corn and fruits. 

Thanks to the ads by her friends, Li's business was gradually on the right track. By chance, her online store participated in a big promotion activity held by Pinduoduo, multiplying its sales volume by dozens of times. Li has received more than 1,000 orders per day since then.

Relying on good services and high-quality products, Li's store attracted more and more customers. So far, Li has sold more than 36,000 orders of passion fruit and/or corn to Zhejiang and Gansu provinces. During a peak sales period, Li sold nearly 3,000 orders per day with the total sales amounting to 1.08 million yuan (US $154,400).

"Doing online business is very tiring, but I am happy because I no longer need my parents to support my life. I can buy whatever I like and buy things for my parents," Li said. 

Li not only gains money but also becomes more cheerful and confident after she is involved in e-commerce. Besides selling agricultural products, Li also operates an online store for selling Han costumes. 

She made a lot of friends at the e-commerce training center. One of Li's best friends is Jin Yuping, who is disabled caused by polio. Li helped her run an online business to build up her confidence in life. 

Li and Jin have the same dream: to continue study in school and go out to see the outside world after they have earned enough money by doing e-commerce. 

"Hopefully, our experiences can encourage all disabled women. We should try our best to live good lives on our own," Li added. 


(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China) 


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