Female Entrepreneur Pins Hopes on Violin Production

 June 27, 2020

Guo Xinshe, head of Henan Haoyun Musical Instruments Company, checks products in a workshop in Queshan County, Central China's Henan Province. [China Women's News]


Guo Xinshe, a woman from Queshan County, Central China's Henan Province, expects that the two generations in her hometown will work together to make a better violin production base deserving of a high reputation.

Guo, who was one member of the key managerial personnel in her former employer in Guangzhou, capital city of South China's Guangdong Province, is now general manager of Henan Haoyun Musical Instrument Company, a leading one in the local violin industrial park.

After quitting her job in Guangzhou in 2015, Guo returned home and started a business jointly with a friend.

"The outside world is wonderful, but revitalizing the homegrown industry and helping local villagers become rich has always been my concern," she said.

Guo's hometown has benefited a lot from the violin industry. Currently, there are 102 violin companies in the local area, creating an annual output of about 400,000 instruments valued at about 600 million yuan (US $84.58 million).

Thanks to the preferential policies and Guo's rich experience, her company achieved rapid development in the past five years.

It perseveres in making high-quality products which require more than 40 traditional manual processes to be completed in 12 workshops, as machines can only make low-end products.

At present, more than 80 percent of the company's violins are exported to 20 or so countries such as Italy, Germany, France and Spain.

The company has furnished employment to nearly 200 villagers, helping more than 80 families in the county escape poverty.

"Our generation produced instruments for a living. I hope that the younger generation can learn more about the musical culture for higher pursuits. They are expected to not only produce musical instrument, but also know how to play and tune them," said Guo.

In this context, Guo has provided four local schools with violins and cellos free of charge for many years to popularize musical activities.

Guo is proud of her diligent fellows. The only thing that concerns her now is education for local children. "If the youngsters are versed in playing and tuning the violin, we will not only have a say in pricing, but can also further expand our own brand."

Local women make violins at a workshop in Queshan County, Central China's Henan Province. [China Women's News]


Local children study violin at a music room. [China Women's News]


(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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