Couple with Good Family Tradition Contribute to COVID-19 Containment Work

March 23, 2020
Editor: Wang Liyan
Couple with Revolutionary Family Tradition Works Hard in Fight Against COVID-19
Liu Lihong (L), a special education teacher, and her husband Li Zixing (R), a police officer, pose for a photo. [For Women of China/Li Zixing]


Li Zixing, a police officer at the Public Security Bureau of Wangcang County, Guangyuan City, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, and his wife Liu Lihong, Deputy Principal of the Guangyuan Special Education School, have worked hard together to contribute to the anti-epidemic fight amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Li comes from a family with good family tradition. His grandfather was a Red Army veteran who participated in more than 50 battles and his father has been a rural doctor for decades. As a police officer, Li has fought for a long time on the front line of criminal investigation, public security management and command post.

Since January 25 when the epidemic broke out, Li has been working on the front line of the COVID-19 prevention and control, participating in checkpoint setup, guard duty work, patrols, investigations and data collection and analysis. As of now, he has commanded and dispatched public security workers to handle over 12,000 incidents.

Couple with Revolutionary Family Tradition Works Hard in Fight Against COVID-19
Li Zixing is at work. [For Women of China/Li Zixing]


His wife, Liu Lihong, has been engaged in special education for 13 years. As the epidemic spread, she was most concerned about the children in her school.

She made several videos on epidemic prevention and control, and on psychological counseling in sign language to encourage people to have confidence in the country's efforts in defeating the disease. 

To support Li's work, Liu handled most of the housework and took care of their two children without any complaints.

"I take care of the family and my husband can put more time and energy into the public security effort, which is a little contribution I can make to society," Liu said.

With professional sign language skills, Liu founded the sign language association of Guangyuan City and established several employment bases for hearing-impaired students in Qingdao City, East China's Shandong Province, Chengdu and Guangyuan cities in Sichuan Province to help disabled graduates find jobs. 

Inheriting the family tradition of dedication and loyalty to the country, the couple is doing their part in the epidemic prevention and control efforts. They stay true to the original mission of the family and will strive to bring more warmth, strength and protection to others.

Couple with Revolutionary Family Tradition Works Hard in Fight Against COVID-19
Liu Lihong (in white coat) teaches sign language to nurses. [For Women of China/Li Zixing]


(Source: Sichuan Women's Federation/Women of China)

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