Female Army Recruit Depicts Her Military Life in Cartoons

January 26, 2020
Editor: Wei Xuanyi
Female Army Recruit Depicts Her Military Life in Cartoons
Cartoons created by Qi Yifei, a post-2000s Tsinghua student, demonstrate her life in the army. [CCTV-7] 


A group of cartoons depicting the daily life of new army recruits recently went viral in China. The creator, Qi Yifei, was a post-2000s Tsinghua student.

Qi was enrolled by the Academy of Arts and Design, under the Tsinghua University, in 2018 with high scores. Before her sophomore year, she suspended her studies and joined the army, a decision that did not have the support of her mother, Peng Lingwu.

Peng and her husband expected her daughter to be a designer rather than a soldier. Neither of them expected Qi's decision, and both of them thought that life in the army would be too tough for their daughter.

Despite her parents' disapproval, the strong-willed daughter stuck to her decision and said that it's not a Tsinghua student who wants to be a soldier, but a student with a dream of becoming a soldier was admitted to Tsinghua.

Though she realized her dream, Qi still sees it as a matter of great concern and revealed it as such in a cartoon: a female army recruit looks over her shoulder to find her parents in the send-off crowd, hoping to gain their approval of her decision.

Female Army Recruit Depicts Her Military Life in Cartoons
Qi Yifei [screenshot from CCTV-7]


Actually, Qi had dreamed of being a member of PLA Navy's Marine Corps since her childhood.

In order to pursue the ideal, Qi had been preparing for it since her freshman year through extra physical exercise.

Qi passed all the examinations for the new recruits with good grades. She even received an award at the graduation ceremony after more than three months of training.

Qi met her mother in an unexpected way at the ceremony. It was Peng who granted the award to her daughter, with both of them bursting into tears at that moment.

Peng said now she supports her daughter, because she discovered that military life is quite colorful and the army offers good opportunities for personal growth.

Several days after the ceremony, Qi was dispatched to the Marine Corps. She received a special message from her mother.

"I shed tears many times because of your choice. I did not understand you before, but now I firmly support you. I would like to say I love you, my daughter," her mother said in the message.

Female Army Recruit Depicts Her Military Life in Cartoons

A touching moment when Qi meets her mother in an unexpected way at the graduation ceremony [screenshot from CCTV program]


(Source: CCTV and People's Daily/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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