Artisan Spreads Charm of Luzhou Embroidery

January 7, 2020
Editor: Wei Xuanyi
Artisan Spreads Charm of Luzhou Embroidery

Yuan Paichang, inheritor of Luzhou Embroidery and founder of the Datang Handicraft Embroidery Workshop, creates embroidery decorations on a shoe. []


A handicraft embroidery workshop in a village gained a high appraise from a panel of experts and was honored as an art and craft master demonstration studio for its exquisite craftsmanship at the 2019 Changzhi Cultural Industry Week held in the Changzhi City, North China's Shanxi Province in July, 2019.

The workshop, which specializes in Luzhou (the former name of Changzhi in ancient times) embroidery, was founded by Yuan Paichang, 75, who was once a doctor in her village.

Artisan Spreads Charm of Luzhou Embroidery

Yuan sorts out the embroidery patterns she has collected over the past decades. []


Yuan became interested in the folk embroidery in her childhood and learned from her mother at an early age. She has always collected embroidery patterns handed down from former generations. She used to embroider according to the beautiful embroidery patterns of the locals, to study the needling methods and color matching. She also bought embroidery patterns she was interested in during her travelling.

In 2006, she founded the Datang Handicraft Embroidery Workshop to promote the folk art and recruited a group of embroidery enthusiasts in the village, to help increase their income.

Artisan Spreads Charm of Luzhou Embroidery

Local women make Luzhou embroidery in Yuan's workshop. []


Qin Bianze, 71, one of the first embroiderers in Yuan's workshop, said she has worked there since its establishment and finds it more interesting than playing mahjong.

Song Jianhua, 62, began to learn the embroidery skills after she found that many women in the village were earning pocket money from doing embroidery in the workshop. "I've been working in the workshop for more than four years. I didn't know how to embroider at the beginning. Then, I learned from a professional embroiderer for several years. I have mastered most of the skills, and I can make shoe soles and embroidered shoes for my family members," Song said.

Artisan Spreads Charm of Luzhou Embroidery

Yuan arranges the embroidery products. []


The workshop has more than 10 full-time embroiderers. They have developed over 60 kinds of products in more than 10 categories, such as pillows, cloth shoes, sofa cushions and handbags.

Artisan Spreads Charm of Luzhou Embroidery

Yuan and her workshop have won many awards and certificates of honor at city, provincial and national level. []


Given her efforts for 10-plus years, the workshop's products are well received by its customers and the shop itself was named a women's entrepreneurship and employment base.

In addition, the embroidery products have been recommended to display at provincial and national cultural industry expos for many times and its works have bagged a group of awards for their creative designs.

Artisan Spreads Charm of Luzhou Embroidery

Yuan spins hemp thread in her workshop. []


Yuan herself was honored as a master of traditional arts and crafts in Shanxi Province and nicknamed "mother of embroidery" by locals.

"It's not difficult to make a shoe but it needs thousands of threads and insistence. Luzhou embroidery has a long history and I hope, with my persistence, I can pass on the traditional art to more people and the time-honored Luzhou embroidery will be inherited to next generations," Yuan said.

Artisan Spreads Charm of Luzhou Embroidery

Embroidered shoes produced by Yuan's workshop []


Artisan Spreads Charm of Luzhou Embroidery

Exquisitely-embroidered shoe pads []


Artisan Spreads Charm of Luzhou Embroidery

Embroidered tiger-head pillows for children []


Artisan Spreads Charm of Luzhou Embroidery

An embroidered ornament with pig pattern []


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