Female-only Parking Spots Drive Debate

August 10, 2017
Editor: Candy Liao

Is it consideration or discrimination? A video showing "female-only" parking spots near an entertainment facility in Henan province's capital, Zhengzhou, has caused a stir on the Chinese internet since it was posted on July 25.

The female-only parking spots are roughly 10 centimeters wider. The facility's staff claims they're intended to provide extra care for female drivers.

While some women see it as a kind move, others feel offended and view it as discriminatory against female drivers.

Should public facilities provide female-only parking spaces?


It's a considerate move that shows extra care for women.

1. There were previous incidents of physical conflicts between less-skilled female drivers and their male counterparts. Female-only parking spots can help avoid such conflicts.

2. Female-only parking spots show courtesy toward women rather than discrimination. Regardless of female drivers' skills, a civilized society should be responsible for providing additional care for women to make them feel protected and valued.

3. There are only four women-only spots in the parking lot. Female drivers can choose between these wider spots and regular ones. If they feel offended, they can simply use other parking spots.


Female drivers are no less skilled than men and different treatment is a sign of stereotyping and discrimination.

1. Regardless of the facility's intention, the sheer existence of female-only parking spots perpetuates the stereotype that women aren't as good as men at parking.

2. Female-only parking spots give excuses for biased male drivers to believe that female drivers are less skilled and shouldn't use the same parking spaces as them. To take things to the extreme, it causes segregation, which is always a sign of inequality.

3. There are also male drivers who are bad at parking. Rather than "female-only" parking spots, it's better just to set up "wider parking spots" for both men and women, who are less skilled at parking.

(Source: China Daily)

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