Scholar Couple Admitted to Top Shanghai Uni

August 24, 2018
Editor: Liu Yanmei
Scholar Couple Admitted to Top Shanghai Uni
Li Yuanyuan and Li Ye 

A pair of outstanding sci-tech graduates from Shanghai who were admitted to prestigious Fudan University in June, recently spoke to interviewers about their shared passion for learning.

Li Yuanyuan and her boyfriend Li Ye previously studied at the local East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST).

During the past four years, the couple won 53 certificates and nearly 100,000 yuan in scholarships with outstanding achievements.

Since her freshman year, Li Yuanyuan has been a "celebrity" among more than 100 fellow students in her major for her always occupying first place with her high scores.

Li Ye achieved similarly excellent results in the same major.

In their department, biological engineering, there is an association which invites students with high scores in various courses to give lectures to juniors.

It was there that Li Ye met the Li Yuanyuan for the first time during his sophomore year.

During this time, a friendship has developed between them and Li Ye told Li Yuanyuan all the information he had obtained from the international exchange center of the school, and pointed out a way for her to prepare for language tests.

The couple both signed up for the International Genetic Engineering Machine Contest in the United States. However, Li Ye was selected and qualified for an interview, while Li Yuanyuan did not.

Then, Li Ye encouraged Li Yuanyuan to send an email to the lead professor who was running the competition, giving him a completely different idea of writing a brief, which won her the chance to enroll.

To prepare for the competition, the two gave up their plans to return home duing summer holiday, and instead set to work to do experiments over and over again.

"Although the competition values creativity more, we must provide relevant experimental data to support our ideas," said the couple.

Eventually, they designed a new luminous type of stirring paddle in biology experiment and obtained a patent with their teacher’s guidance.

Among the 53 certificates obtained by them, in addition to five national scholarship certificates and invention patent certificates, more certificates are derived from various kinds of social activities.

Their life is more than just reading, doing exercises and doing experiments.

They agreed to participate in the teaching activity organized by the Communist Youth League committee, and went to a mountainous village in east China's Zhejiang province to teach for one month during the summer vacation of their sophomore year.

Li Yuanyuan brought in popular short-videos to show the youngsters what the outside world looks like and encouraged them to raise their hands and answer questions.

Speaking about their three-year relationship, Li Yuanyuan said, "My boyfriend let me out of my small world, to accept other people's opinions and become a better me."

While Li Ye said that it was Li Yuanyuan who taught him to persevere.

Now, Li Yuanyuan, receiving successive postgraduate and doctoral study offers at Fudan, and Li Ye, being a doctoral student there, are becoming the ideal academic couple they want to be.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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