Young Volunteer Serves the Aged with Network Technology

March 12, 2018
Editor: Chen Caixia
Young Volunteer Serves the Aged with Network Technology
Lin Xinran (R) teaches an elderly man how to use a smart phone. [China Women's News]


Lin Xinran, born in the 1990s, was the youngest representative of the Good Female Netizen Award winners and became a specialized volunteer of Zhangjiakou Volunteer Federation (ZVF) after her graduation.

"It made me happy to help old people keep up with the times and enjoy the convenience brought by science and technology," Lin told China Women's News.

People can travel all over the world with a mobile phone nowadays, but many seniors can't scan a QR code, book a taxi online or conduct a video chat, therefore, she volunteered to teach to them.

Lin soon started to teach the elderly how to use smart phones and the internet, from basic setup to using various applications like WeChat, Alipay, 12306 (Chinese official ticket booking app), as well as news and videos applications.

Her course increasingly became the most popular one among communities, which made her Senior University Service Team well-known across the region.
More and more organizations invited her to offer courses, Lin increased class types from a few to a dozen and expanded her area of coverage from Zhangjiakou to other regions.

Except for giving regular classes, Lin also developed an Internet Plus Sincere Accompanying Program to provide one-to-one services for elderly people and long-term bedridden individuals, extending her tutoring from classrooms to hospital beds.

Zhao Yizhong, an 88-year-old retired official of Shijiazhuang Infectious Disease Hospital, loved to write articles during his spare time, so he wanted to look up information and watch news on the internet. However, he failed to achieve this as he had no kids around to teach him.

When Lin heard of his story, together with other volunteers, she dropped into Zhao's home and offered one-on-one training of networking, sending emails and QQ chatting, and wrote notes of the key steps to help Zhao recall them at any time in the future.

"I've been enthusiastic about charity during college. I helped to organize the Student Volunteer's program in my sophomore year; participated in teaching activities like 'Help the Aged and the Disabled' and led classmates to convey greetings to Nursing Homes and Orphanages; and, established Dandelion Public Classes to offer free one-to-one homework tutoring for children of impoverished families," said Lin.

(Source: China Women's News/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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