Elderly Lady Returns Favor after 3 Years Searching

November 10, 2017
Editor: Yulanda Wang
Lu Fengzhu (left) returned 7 yuan to Wang Zhen, an assistant traffic police officer, near Longhua Temple, Nov. 7, 2017. [shine.cn]


For three years, Lu Fengzhu, an 82-year-old lady, hoped to find and pay back a police officer who gave her 7 yuan ($1) for a bus ticket when she lost her wallet and couldn't get home.

This week she finally got to settle the score.

As luck would have it, Lu found the policeman on Tuesday, exactly three years after they first met, according to China's lunar calendar.

Lu, who is a Buddhist, went to pray at Longhua Temple in Xuhui District, which she does regularly. But that day she lost her wallet and had no way of getting home.

Wang Zhen, an assistant traffic police officer, spotted her and realized something was up. He asked her if she needed any help.

Learning about Lu's predicament, Wang took 7 yuan out of his pocket to pay for her trip home, saying it was the money he was about to use to buy his breakfast.

Wang even accompanied the grateful Lu to the bus station, but when Lu asked for his name so that she could return the money, Wang said it was not necessary and saw her off.

Lu said every time she came to pray at the temple she would look for Wang in the street, desperate to pay the officer back for his kind deed.

Wang Zhen was working at a crossroads near Longhua Temple on Tuesday.

Lu reminded Wang of the help he gave her three years ago, but the officer had almost forgotten all about it.

"I feel warm in my heart that a stranger I helped still remembers me after such a long time," he said, but he played down his kind actions.

"It's simply my duty as a police officer to help people in need."

(Source: shine.cn)

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