Female Lawyer Plans to Cross 13 Countries by Piloting a Plane

July 28, 2016
Editor: Joyce Dong
Female Lawyer Plans to Cross 13 Countries by Piloting a Plane

Chen Jingxian sits in a plane. [People's Daily Online]


Chen Jingxian from southwest China's Sichuan Province has made plans to travel across the world by piloting a plane, local media reported on July 27.

Chen plans to cross 13 countries spread across four continents in about two months.

Chen is not a professional pilot, but rather a lawyer who loves to fly. She acquired a private pilot's license in 2013 while studying in the U.S. Inspired by the novella "The Little Prince," Chen decided to tour the world by piloting a plane. Her family opposed her plan at first, worrying that it was dangerous for a woman. But they finally agreed to it, out of respect for her dream.

Chen was refused more than 20 times by plane rental companies before one plane owner finally agreed to lend her one. She is scheduled to start her trip at the end of July or beginning of August, and she will be traveling with a crew of three team members. In the course of two months, she will carry out her journey across oceans, glaciers, jungles, deserts and even war-torn regions.

Chen said she would broadcast the whole trip if she can receive a signal on the plane.

The trip would cost them U.S.$ 200,000 to U.S.$ 300,000, which could be the cheapest round-the-world flying trip, according to Chen.

It is reported that another woman in China is also planning on the same thing. The first one to complete the trip will be the first Chinese female pilot to fly around the world and receive a 1-million-yuan (U.S.$149,963) award.

Female Lawyer Plans to Cross 13 Countries by Piloting a Plane

Chen Jingxian stands on one side of a plane. [People's Daily Online]


(Source: People's Daily Online)

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