Summer Vacation Campaign of Caring for Children Launched

 July 21, 2020
A campaign of caring for children in summer vacation is launched in Beijing on July 16. [China Women's News/Yang Rui]


A campaign of caring for children in summer vacation was launched in Beijing on July 16. With the theme of children's safety protection, diversified voluntary activities of caring for children will be held online and offline across the country while keeping regular epidemic prevention and control measures in place.

Shen Yueyue, President of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), announced the start of the campaign at the launching ceremony. Huang Xiaowei, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of the ACWF and Vice-President and First Member of the Secretariat of the ACWF, attended the ceremony.

Sponsored by the ACWF, the Ministry of Education and nine other organs and people's organizations, the campaign will mobilize social forces, link resources and organize voluntary services in a bid to create a good environment of caring for children, especially rural left-behind children whose parents have migrated to other places for work and disadvantaged children.

According to the detailed plan of the activities of caring for children in summer vacation released at the ceremony, it will organize children to tell anti- COVID-19 epidemic and anti-poverty stories in their eyes by drawing paintings, writing compositions, reciting stories or family letters, making or broadcasting short videos about the battle against poverty and the anti-COVID-19 epidemic fight.

With more attention to the protection of children's physical and mental health, the campaign will include training sessions on prevention of sexual assault, bullying and drowning, improving parents' awareness of guardianship and guiding them to help children seek outlets for their unhealthy emotions properly. Lectures on legal and health knowledge will be given to children, guiding them to use the law to protect themselves and to practice good hygiene habits.

Volunteers will be organized to provide pairing-up services to left-behind and disadvantaged children in rural areas to give them help and warm their hearts.

During the ceremony, representatives of lawyers, presidents of the women's federations of villages, women volunteers, college student volunteers and village officials as well as community workers who are responsible for children's work share their stories of protecting children's safety via video link.

Brochures on how to ensure children's safety and "Love Package" from the HELLO Kids charity program launched by the China Children and Teenagers' Fund were handed out to children at the event.

After the launching ceremony, a video course on girls' protection and children's cyber safety was broadcast online, during which experts taught children and parents relevant knowledge and specific precautions.

The launching ceremony was livestreamed by, a major news website sponsored by China's state broadcaster China Central Television.

The "Love Package" prepared for every child attending the ceremony. The packages were donated by the HELLO Kids charity program launched by China Children and Teenagers' Fund under the All-China Women's Federation. [China Children and Teenagers' Foundation]


A parent-child reading activity is organized in Hechuan District of Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality to guide parents and children to learn safety knowledge together. [Chongqing Women's Federation]


Under the guidance of volunteers, the children perform a children's song on safety education in summer vacation in Central China's Hubei Province to popularize self-protection knowledge. [Hubei Women's Federation]


Relying on women and children's activity center, parents' schools and children's micro homes, women's federations at all levels in Central China's Hunan Province carry out publicity and education activities on drowning prevention, travel safety and prevention of sexual assault before the summer vacation. [Hunan Women's Federation]


Wu Qiuping, a loving mother from the Women's Federation of Suijiang County in Southwest China's Yunnan Province, helps a rural schoolgirl comb her hair. [Yunnan Women's Federation]


A lecture on sexual assault prevention is held in a Children's Happy Home in Northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. [Ningxia Women's Federation]


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