ACWF VP: Women Are Major Force to Promote Nuclear Industrial Development

September 4, 2017
By Women VoiceEditor: Rong Chen
ACWF VP: Women Are Major Force to Promote Nuclear Industrial Development
Song Xiuyan addresses at the 25th WiN Global Annual Conference in Beijing. [Women Voice]


Song Xiuyan, vice-president and first member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), attended the opening ceremony of 25th Women in Nuclear (WiN) Global Annual Conference on August 29 in Beijing.

Held for the first time on the Chinese mainland, the international tech event is a world gathering that advocates women's leadership in various fields including nuclear energy and radiation applications.

On the theme of "Women Nuclear Cooperation Harmony," the conference was jointly organized by China Nuclear Society and WiN Global, a non-profit network of women nuclear scientists and technicians from around the world.

The meeting was also set up with the help of the State Power Investment Corporation and the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation.

On behalf of the ACWF, Song expressed her warm welcome to those attending the convening of the meeting at the China National Convention Center.

Remarks from Song

Women are a great force to promote the progress of human civilization. The power of women has experienced a rapid rise in the nuclear field, Song said.

Nuclear technology, which is one of the greatest scientific achievements in the 20th century, is a symbol to elevate the level of science and technology and comprehensive strength of a nation.

Marie Curie won two Nobel Prizes a century ago. Nowadays, WiN has developed into 41 branches and involves around 25,000 female members from 107 countries.

The glamour of women's power and potential starts to shine in such cutting-edge technology, promoting the development of the global nuclear industry.

China has the largest female population in the world. As a developing county, it is committed to promoting gender equality and all-round development among women through the national path of leading people to live a better life.

Gender equality is a basic principle stipulated in the Constitution and State policy of China. Chinese authorities safeguard women's rights and interests and encourage them to play the role of holding up "half the sky" via multiple approaches such as laws, policies, education and public opinion. Both men and women have the equal access to reform participation and results.

Statistics indicate the proportion of Chinese women receiving higher education continues to grow. A rapid increase has occurred in female tech manpower in China. Tu Youyou was the first Chinese female scientist to win the Nobel Prize due to her research in China.

As a high-tech industry with unlimited space of development, the nuclear industry has gained a growing popularity among women in China. Currently, women make up 25 percent of technology manpower in the nation's nuclear sector. Among them, 75 percent are professionals under 45.

Many female experts and brilliant young women contribute their efforts in basic research and nuclear fields in relevance to medicine, agriculture, education and engineering. Therefore, women are a major force in promoting nuclear development in China.

Song shared with attendees the continuous efforts of the ACWF in promoting the State policy of gender equality; improving the status of women; and, advancing development among women.

Recent initiatives include following-up on legislative decision-making to create a fairer environment for women's development; and, launching training sessions and employment projects to foster education and vocational development, as well as a project to follow up the growth of high-level women talents and to promote policies favorable to their development. Such endeavors help to solve practical problems in life and work encountered by women from various fields, for example, in the nuclear sector.

The progress and development of women embody the level of civilization in society. The peaceful use of nuclear energy needs participation and contribution from women. The theme of the conference this year conforms to the trend of nuclear use in a peaceful way across the world. It reveals the concerted efforts and the wisdom of win-win prospects among women.

China is looking forward to strengthening exchanges whilst promoting friendship, development, and progress in the nuclear field with women from other countries via the WiN platform.

Let us join hands to strive for a better future of the nuclear industry; and, a better world for all women and all people.

Nuclear industry in China has entered the period of rapid development in the 21st century. Nuclear power is automatic and can occur on a large scale. The mainland has 37 nuclear power stations, ranked fourth in the world; and, another 19 units are under construction, ranked first across the globe.

(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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