ACWF VP Takes Inspection Tour, Highlights Deepening of Mass Organization Reform

September 7, 2017
Editor: Jane Wang
ACWF VP Inspects, Highlights Deepening of Mass Organization Reform


Song Xiuyan, vice-president and first member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), carried out an inspection tour in southwest China's Sichuan Province from August 30-September 1.

During the trip, Song focused on urging grassroots women's federation officials across the province to thoroughly learn and implement Chinese President Xi Jinping's latest instructions on mass organization reform, and the spirit of the recent work conference in this aspect.

She also urged officials to further promote the federation reform in depth; and, improve their work ability to offer services to women by means of reform.

Song made an inspection tour in the provincial capital of Chengdu as well as Deyang and Mianyang cities.

With Xi's important instructions as a guideline, Song's inspection tour highlighted strengthening the foundation and work of the women's federations through reform.

Building Powerful Village Women's Federations

Officials in Minjiang Village, Chengdu, recently completed the replacement of its women's representative committee with the women's federation, in line with the rest of the province.

Tao Xunhua, president of the village women's federation, said, "There are a total of 15 members in the federation, including three vice-presidents and 11 executive committee members. According to the division of labor, each official takes their own responsibilities for serving the women in different respects, to lead them to prosperity."

Zhang Li, vice-president of the village women's federation, stated that she feels a strong responsibility to help impoverished women boost their incomes after she took up the post.

Only when the grassroots organizations become powerful can various tasks be implemented. An important task of the reform for grassroots women's federations is to absorb those women who have capabilities and passion, Song concluded. These women know the needs of the general population of women and can play their role in serving women at once.

Expanding Women's Federations

"Where there are women, there are women's federations" was a phrase put forward by Xi.

To advance regional federation reform, the women's federation of Yanshikou Subdistrict in Chengdu has positively explored building federations in commercial buildings.

The women's federation in the city of Deyang has helped a local industrial park establish its own women's federation, which has benefited from the addition of two villages' presidents and 13 enterprises' staff representatives.

A company that makes silk products has taken the lead in setting up a Sericulture Association Women's Federation to drive around 12,000 rural women from eight towns in the local region to be involved in the business of silkworm breeding.

For this, Song said the establishment of women's federations should conform to the trend of economic and social development and changes of women's groups, while being formed in a flexible way in a bid to extend services.

It is also of significance to attract women from various industries nationwide to work for the women's federations to achieve extensive contacts.

Establishing Online Women's Federations

Xi has attached great importance to the online work of mass organizations and required them to "show their flags" so that people can find them and take part in activities.

The women's federation in Deyang's Gaohuai Village, has vigorously established groups on WeChat (a popular messaging app in China) to keep close contact with locals.

Meanwhile, the women's federation in the community of Tieniu Street, Mianyang City, has encouraged women to access knowledge in terms of healthy life, marriage and parent-child education on the lifelong learning platform which was established by the ACWF and the Open University of China.

In addition, Chengdu Women's Federation has provided great support and services to entrepreneurs in regard to policies, projects, funds and tutors.

Song noted that women's federation officials should strengthen their thinking about the Internet; speed up the development of women's federations online; and, conduct online and offline activities in a feasible way to spread a positive spirit and offer services.

Helping Women Shake off Poverty

When attending a panel meeting with deputies to this year's annual session of the National People's Congress (NPC) from Sichuan, Xi said, "Actions should be made to fight against poverty with a firm and unshakable attitude until poverty is eradicated."

During the inspection, Song paid a visit to Beichuan County, a severely-afflicted area following the devastating Wenchuan Earthquake which took place in 2008.

There, Song talked about how to get rid of poverty with women of Qiang ethnic group who were taking part in embroidery training.

Through the reform, the grassroots women's federations have more power to carry out women-related work by adding members to the federations, Song stressed.

Targeted efforts should be made to help those impoverished women who are recorded into local documents of poverty; further analyze the causes of poverty and ways of poverty alleviation; and, promote the implementation of seven major projects of poverty reduction among women.

Taking Full Advantage of Children's Home

When visiting Children's Home (activity centers in villages and communities), Song inquired about the conditions of the construction, management and usage of the centers.

She said the comprehensive service facilities in urban and rural communities should be made full use of to quicken the development of these centers, especially in villages.

Song's Remarks

During the inspection tour, Song fully affirmed the achievements of the reform made by women's federations in Sichuan.

Under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, women's federations across the province have displayed their own characteristics in promoting the federation reform, which has provided a useful experience to the ACWF.

Song noted that Xi's significant instructions on mass organization reform have not only pointed out a clear direction but also put forward new higher requirements for the organization to advance the reform in depth.

Women's federations at different levels were urged to study Xi's important instructions and take realistic measures to advance the federation reform and implement every requirement of mass organization put forward by the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.

According to the deployments of the symposium on mass organization reform, they should consciously sum up their experience; further unite thinking; consolidate confidence; strengthen responsibility; and, promote the implementation of the federation reform.

To uphold the leadership of the Party and stick to the right direction of the federation reform, officials should firmly strengthen their "consciousness of the ideology, the whole, the core and the line"; maintain their work's practically advanced nature of serving women; lead the large population of women to follow the leadership of the Party; take new measures to urge women to play their unique roles in society and families; and, achieve new results in safeguarding women and children's rights and interests.

Meanwhile, they should dare to solve prominent problems to further promote the reconstruction of grassroots women's federations.

It is of great significance to link up basic functions with political responsibilities to make innovative approaches to serve the overall situation of women and carry out various work; inspire women's passion for innovation and entrepreneurship and strengthen their sense of gaining and happiness; and lead women to resolutely safeguard the authority and the unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Xi as the core leader to greet the upcoming 19th CPC National Congress with positive results, she said.

During the tour, Song exchanged ideas with officials in Sichuan in terms of women and children's development as well as the federation reform work.

Those officials met by Song included: Wang Dongming, secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and chairperson of the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial People's Congress; Yin Li, vice-secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and governor of the province; and, Deng Xiaogang, vice-secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee.


ACWF VP Inspects, Highlights Deepening of Mass Organization Reform
ACWF VP Inspects, Highlights Deepening of Mass Organization Reform
ACWF VP Inspects, Highlights Deepening of Mass Organization Reform

(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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