ACWF VP Stresses Reform Implementation in Latest NW China Inspection Tour

May 12, 2017
By Women VoiceEditor: Rong Chen
ACWF VP Stresses Reform Implementation in Latest NW China Inspection Tour


Song Xiuyan, vice-president and first member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), urged federations to implement reform at grassroots level.

Song made the remarks during her latest inspection tour in northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region from May 6-7.

Her visit focused on the recent work being carried out to implement President Xi Jinping's keynote remarks on mass organizations and the ACWF's reform guidelines.

Song's Visit to Downtown Yinchuan

In the city of Yinchuan, Song met a 73-year-old Party member named Su Juzhen, who still serves as an executive committee member at a local women's federation.

"After retirement, I still wanted to serve the people. I am happy to work at the federation in offering advice to women about their family problems or in their marriage," Su told Song.

Besides Su, some 11 women's teams have been responsible for organizing cultural activities at a local square, attracting around 500 women daily.

Last year, a special women's federation was founded for the regular gathering at the square, its organization comprising of one president, three vice-presidents, and another 15 executive members.

All 11 leaders of the cultural teams have been included in the executive committee.

Song praised the local federation for involving such people as committee members so that they could connect more women from the general population.

Moreover, Song encouraged committee members to lead women closely in following Party policies and spreading positive social values.

Song's Visit to Minning Town

Later, Song visited the town of Minning near Yongning County in Yinchuan.

"It is easier to carry out women-related initiatives nowadays, even more than before, since the federation has involved more officials during the period of replacing local Women's Congresses at village level with federations," a grassroots official noted.

Statistics show the county has a total of 85 village-level women's federations, which involve 269 presidents and vice-presidents, and 1,080 executive committee members.

Moreover, another women's federation inside a local industrial park often organizes events to help female workers, especially some 150 who moved from the region's most disadvantageous area, an official said.

The grassroots women's federation has figured out an innovative approach in extending the federation's service to the poverty-stricken area, Song commented.

This work model connecting enterprises, federations and impoverished individuals could enable both companies and organizations to fully play to their strength in poverty alleviation, Song added.

Song's Visit to Shizuishan City

The women's federation in Shizuishan has improved its work scheme of connecting women. Now, each executive committee member is responsible for each local community, an official said.

For example, a committee member named Wu Huizhen, who also serves as associate professor at local Party school, established a workshop spreading positive family virtues that have gained popularity at a local community.

After listening to reports, Song encouraged grassroots federations to foster more officials like Wu in connecting women from the general population.

Song's Visit to Pingluo County and Huangquqiao Township

During the recent local leadership transition period, the replacement of Women's Congresses at village level with women's federations has been pushed forward steadily.

So far, such work has achieved a so-called "five 100 percent" effect. It means female officials are 100 percent involved in country-level and village-level management; Grassroots women's federation presidents are 100 percent involved in local leadership at the levels of townships and villages; Grassroots federation presidents will receive stable salaries; Village-level federations will have stable financial budget of carrying out women's activities; and, moreover, each village will establish one Women's Home activity center for the benefit of local women.

In terms of local federation's committee members, they have been selected from capable women from various fields, including principals, doctors, and businesswomen.

Song encouraged those members to play a role in federation initiatives, especially in many poverty-relief events.

Song's Remarks

At a seminar, Song reiterated the significance of President Xi's keynote remarks on reform.

Women's federations at various levels should fully implement Xi's remarks; act in accordance to the ACWF's reform guidelines; and improve their work's politically advanced nature, Song urged.

Song highlighted the problem-oriented work style and the implementation of federation reform at the grassroots level.

The reform should focus on the grassroots federations' organizational issues and solve their problems of lacking fixed administrative officials, workplaces, activity expenses, or capable officials, Song pointed out.

She also encouraged grassroots federations to develop their innovative work style; promote the replacement of Women's Congresses at village level with federations; and strengthen its regional construction.

"Where there are women, there will be women's work, and where there are women's federations, there are homes that women can trust and rely on," Song stressed.

Moreover, Song urged officials to promote online women's homes that could further increase local women's sense of happiness.

Officials should lead women to closely unite around the Party Central Committee with Xi as the core; make solid progress in embracing the upcoming success of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, the ACWF vice-president emphasized.

(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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