Eye-catching Books at Bologna Children's Book Fair

April 12, 2018
Editor: Xie Wen

Organizers staged the 55th Bologna Children's Book Fair, from March 26-29, to present the latest in youth-orientated literature and illustrated stories.

Several Chinese middle-school students attended the fair as volunteers to convey their national culture, tell Chinese stories and promote Chinese children's books. Acting as bridges of communication, the youngsters hoped to introduce the best overseas children’s books and bring home the latest world-class publications.

Here are some of the recommended children’s books from the event.


Four Seasons in the Forest (South Korea). This toybook allows children to see insects and flowers from all seasons, to experience various types of animal sounds and nursery rhymes with buttons controlling the examples.
How Do Bones and Muscles Help the Body Move (the U.S.) This book contains parts that stimulate the skeleton structure of the human body. Each joint is made according to its true proportion on the body, which helps children know how the body's bones conduct people to allow them to move. 
Cacería (France). With plain colors and delicate, chic and elegant painted lines, this book reveals a French romance with great visual impact. 
Romeo and Juliette, by Mercè López (France). This is a book without words. The illustrator fully represents the classic story of Romeo and Juliet through delicate brush strokes, to help children have better access to the original work.
The Story of Noah (the U.S.). A rugged book made of cloth, it is suitable for reading at a baby's bedtime.
Door Beast, by Liu Chang (Taiwan, China), A sketch-style children's book, it conveys Chinese traditional architecture and cultural communications. 
Yu Guangzhong's Poem and Drawing Collection, by Niao Mao, Xu Suxia, Zhi Shan and Julia Yellow (Taiwan, China). As a poetic picture book, it creates an artistic conception for children. 

Une Maison à Hanter, by Florian Pigi. This book depicts the world that a ghost sees after being shot with a bow and arrows, with a fascinating beginning and ending. 


(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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