Jolin Tsai: a Teenage Boys' Killer

February 16, 2006
Editor: sarah

Name: Jolin Tsai  (Cai Yi Ling)

Height: 158cm

Birthday: 15 / 9 / 1980

Place of Birth: Taipei

Religion: Taoism

Star Sign: Virgo

Highest Level of qualification: Furen University

Family Members:  Father, Mother, one eldest sister

Collections: Jewelly Accessories (Ring, chain, etc)

Favorite Phrase: It was like....Oh my god!

Favorite Movie: My Best Friend's Wedding

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite fruit: Fruits that good for health

Favorite Flower: Fragrant Lily

Favorite Colour: Pink (like hello Kitty)

Favorite Music: Hip - Hop, R & B, Pop Rock

Most Unforgetful Memory: 1 month tour in LA

Most Confident Area: Singing



Know more on Jolin

Jolin first started out by taking part in the MTV singing competition while she was just 18. She won the top prize with a song The Greatest Love of all.

Then she was being signed on by Universal Music as a new singer from Taiwan. After about a year later, on July 1999, her first single Living With the World was released. It was sold in 7-11 stores and it was a tremendous success which led to the release of her first album on September 1999. At that time, her image was the next-door sweetie pie image and was an instant hit with teenagers, which earned her the title Teenage boys Killer.

Her 1st album, Jolin 1019 sold more than 400,000 copies around Asia, and actually had many versions of the album out across the world. With the success of her 1st album, she released her anticipated 2nd album in May 2000, Don’t Stop, and many of her hits in the album are well known throughout Asia. She also released her 1st photo book that is mainly taken in Hawaii. This album was also a tremendous success.

Her image changed for her third album Show Your Love. Being more matured and nearing the age of 21, it was a much soothing album with many new songs and tunes. However, the sales of this album were not as good as the previous two albums.

The fourth album, Lucky Number, did not manage to bring her back to the previous popularity she had although she tried certain new songs and many changes. She also sang the theme song for the movie Atlantis.

Then for a period of 1 year, due to problems with her record company, she did not cut any albums. However, she came out with her 2nd photo book, taken in Thailand, with a song composed by Jay Chou. She finally managed to sign with Sony Music and got her biggest break in her whole career.

Her album Magic, topped the Taiwan album charts for 3 full months and sold more than 300,000 in Taiwan alone. This transformation gave her what she needed to make a comeback to the music scene after being gone for almost a year. Then she just released her 2nd album, Castle, which also is the current top album in Singapore’s RIAS charts and selling well.

Jolin History


 JingMei Secondary School singing competition Championship

 Zhongguang Music Competition 2nd runner up

          1998 Champion of MTV Youngsters Singing Competition

          1999 Release of 1st CD Single "Living with the World"

 19.10.1999 Release of 1ST Album "Jolin 1019"

          1999 1st Ad-POKKA WULONG TEA (FRUIT TEA)

          1999 Channel V Most Popular Female Newcomer award

          1999 "San Li" Music Station Poll Chart Most Promising Newcomer

          1999 TVBS Super Live Most Popular Female Artist

 04.12.1999 1019 “I Can” Concert

          2000 Taiwan's National Sports events Spoke person

          2000 Adv "TASIO" products

          2000 Adv DONGXIN COMMUNICATIONS e-generation

          2000 Adv 520 "SU Pei Wang"

          2000 Adv My W@P

          2000 Adv KANGBAO CUP-A-SOUP

 16.04.2000 Don't Stop Concery

 26.04.2000 Released of 2nd album "Don't Stop"

 05.05.2000 Released of 1st "19 years photobook"

 15.05.2000 Released of "Go Go Hawill" Collection

 10.06.2000 Released of 2nd version of "Don't Stop"

17.09.2000 Singapore Hit Award Most Popular Newcomer (Gold)

 19.09.2000 Olympic games Spoke person

 04.10.2000 Top 10 idols awards

    .11.2000 2nd Adv of DONGXIN COMMUNICATIONS e-generation

 22.12.2000 Release of 3rd album "Show your Love"

          2001 New York MTV most popular Asia mtv video award

 01.01.2001 Release of 2nd version of "Show your Love"

 25.02.2001 Show your love Concert

 04.03.2001 Show your love Concert

 07.03.2001 Release of 3rd version of "Show your Love"

     .06.2001 Release of 4th album "Lucky Number" EP

 07.07.2001 Release of 4th album "Lucky Number"

 21.07.2001 Lucky Number Concert

          2001 Endorsement of Yi Ting Jewllery

     01.2001 Release of Jing Xuan Ji "Together"

    .07.2001 Qing Bu Zhi Jing (Alantis the lost empire OST)

          2002 Endorsement of Always Black Cosmetics

 02.08.2002 Released of 2nd "Qi shi jing shen" Photobook

 07.03.2003 Release of 5th album 1st Version "Magic"

 12.05.2003 Wo De Shi Yi Nan You (Ai De Tian Shi, Ni Wei He, Wo Hen Ba Hei)

 23.05.2003 Release of 5th album 2nd Version "Magic DVD + CD"

 19.06.2003 Release of 5th album 3rd Version "Magic VCD"

 30.07.2003 Hi Shang Ban Nu Lang VCD

    .10.2003 Tian Di Ying Xiong (Hai shi sheng lou)

    .12.2003 Endorsement of Tale weaver "Tian Yi De Lian"

    .12.2003 Endorsement of Mcdonalds 

          2003 IBS Jean Spoke person

          2004 IBS Jean Spoke person

     .02.2004 Endorsement of JoyBee

 27.02.2004 Release Of 6th album "Castle CD + VCD + HaiDao VCD (Special Version)"

 27.02.2004 Release Of 6th album "Castle CD + VCD (1st Version)"

03.05.2004 Release Of 6th album "Castle VCD (2nd Version)"

 03.05.2004 Release Of 6th album "Castle DVD + CD (3rd Version)"

    .05.2004 Adv of Pepsi

 07.08.2004 Jolin CaiJ1Concert-Shanghai

 12.11.2004 Release of 7th album "J9 New + Party Collection"

 20.11.2004 Jolin CaiJ1Concert-Taipei

 04.12.2004 Jolin CaiJ1 Concert-Beijing

 11.12.2004 Jolin CaiJ1 Concert-Singapore Indoor Stadium

 25.04.2005 Release of 8th album "J-Game"

 20.05.2005 Jolin CaiJ1 Concert-Genting (Malaysia) - Day 1

 21.05.2005 Jolin CaiJ1 Concert-Genting (Malaysia) - Day 2

 25.05.2005 Motorola E680i Spoke Person


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