Women's Federations Nationwide Play Their Roles in Fight Against COVID-19, Economic Growth

March 22, 2020
Editor: Wang Liyan
A van loaded with "loving packages" presented by the Women's Federation of Liaoning Province to female medical workers assisting the anti-virus fight in Central China's Hubei Province, is ready for departure. [For Women of China]


Women's federations at all levels across the country have studied the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions to have firm conviction in winning the battle against COVID-19, keep high morale, and make continuous efforts in the epidemic prevention and control as well as economic and social development through their united strength.

Bringing Warmth to Female Medical Staff 

The Women's Federation of Liaoning Province in Northeast China offered personalized and targeted care to medical workers assisting in the fight against the COVID-19 in Central China's Hubei Province.

The province's women's federation sent about 450,000 yuan (US $64,700.2) of "loving packages," including vacuum cups, towels, jujube dates and sanitary products, to the province's female medical workers at the front line of the anti-virus fight in Wuhan and Xiangyang cities in Hubei.

Medical workers from Northeast China's Liaoning Province who are fighting against COVID-19 in Hubei Province receive the "loving packages" given by the province's women's federation. [For Women of China]


The Women's Federation of Hainan Province in South China, together with the Hainan Provincial Health Commission and a local charity foundation, has offered free delivery services of vegetables once a week to the families of medical staff who are aiding the anti-virus fight in Hubei.

Packaged fresh vegetables will be sent to families of medical staff who are aiding the anti-virus fight in Hubei. [For Women of China]


Packaged fresh vegetables are ready for delivery to local families of medical workers aiding the fight against the epidemic in Hubei. [For Women of China]


Joining Community-Based COVID-19 Control Work

The women's federations at all levels in Linfen City, North China's Shanxi Province, mobilized their staff members and members of the federations' executive committees, as well as local women volunteers, to actively promote the information about COVID-19 prevention and control work in every family in villages and communities.

The Huozhou Women's Federation in Shanxi launched a "one plus three" model featuring the joint effort of one women's federation and three women's organizations to curb the spread of the virus throughout the city.

Staff members of the Women's Federation of Yonghe County in North China's Shanxi play their role in the COVID-19 prevention and control work in a community in the province. [For Women of China]


Staff members of the Women's Federation of Yonghe County in Shanxi Province help register a visitor's information. [For Women of China]


Staff members of the Women's Federation of Wuhai City in North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region have helped register people in and out of the communities and screen all residents from door to door. Officials of women's federations at all levels, women volunteers, and group members of the women's federations have worked on the front line of the epidemic prevention and control in communities where they register people and vehicles in and out of the communities, and promote information about COVID-19 prevention and control from door to door. They have also disinfected residential buildings and distributed sterilization products.

A woman volunteer conducts door-to-door screening in a village, in Wuhai City, in North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. [For Women of China]


Volunteers work at the entrance of a village to help register the information of people in and out of the village. [For Women of China]


The village-stationed working team in Naicun Village, Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, composed of officials from the Women's Federation of the Tibet Autonomous Region, assisted the village committee and the village's Party branch to establish a COVID-19 prevention and control team in the village.

The team members work on shifts 24 hours per day and publicize the guidelines on personal protection.

They visit local families from door to door, guiding the locals to wash hands frequently, wearing facial masks and avoid large gathering as well as monitoring the villagers' body temperature. They have established exit-entry points for monitoring  and vehicle disinfection. 

Team members give instructions on COVID-19 prevention and control to local villagers in a family. [For Women of China]


Women volunteers and staff members of the women's federations at all levels in Shuangcheng Town in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region contribute to the epidemic prevention and control work. In addition to the common preventive measures, they also guide women and families to learn more about personal protection, help them develop good hygiene habits, and ease their fears and anxiety. 

Meanwhile, they tell the villagers neither to believe in rumors nor to circulate them.

Volunteers post information about COVID-19 prevention and control in a community in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. [For Women of China]


Speeding Up Work and Production Resumption

The Women's Federation of Cangxian County in North China's Hebei Province joined hands with the local employment service bureau to offer online professional training to women in 19 towns in the county through seven WeChat groups.

Local women can join WeChat groups to attend online courses provided by various training schools on a weekly basis.

The county's women's federation also mobilized training institutions to offer job opportunities for women according to their needs when the epidemic subdues.

The Women's Federation of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, in Central China's Hunan Province, publicized recruitment plans and policies on employment and subsidies through various WeChat groups.

The prefecture's women's federation has organized women to engage in hand knitting at home based on the 51 women's employment and poverty alleviation workshops throughout the prefecture. The federation has also organized local women and returned migrant workers to start agricultural production in an orderly, scattered manner to ensure the spring ploughing.

Screenshots of online courses offered to women in Cangxian County in North China's Hebei Province. [For Women of China]


Using Hotlines to Offer Mental Health Consultation Service  

The Women's Federation of Jilin Province in Northeast China paid more attention to the impoverished families, pregnant and lying-in women, left-behind children and elderly women during its COVID-19 prevention and control work

The psychological consulting hotline 12338 played an important role in offering consultation services, including interpretation of policies, psychological consultations and guidance amid the epidemic, aiming to encourage women face up to the epidemic and reduce the pressure and anxiety caused by the epidemic to the utmost extent.

The women's federations at all levels in Southwest China's Yunnan Province opened five new hotlines to mediate domestic disputes and helped handle complaints on infringement of women and children's rights besides the 12338 hotline.

The Women's Federation of Qinghai Province made full use of the 12338 hotline and other online channels, such as its official WeChat and Weibo accounts, to provide free psychological guidance and legal consultation to local women and to help them overcome difficulties in daily life.

Villagers in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Central China's Hunan Province, work on a vegetable planting base. [For Women of China]


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