Women's Federations Across China Care for Medical Workers' Families

 February 13, 2020
Women's Federations Across China Care for Medical Workers' Families
The Guangdong Women's Federation offers service of delivering fresh vegetables to medical worker's families. [cnwomen.com.cn]


Women's federations across the country are making great efforts to care for the families of the medical workers aiding the novel coronavirus control efforts in Central China's Hubei Province. The federations have raised money for the medical workers' family members, delivered fresh vegetables, and offered psychological counseling services to them, helping the medical workers better concentrate on their work.

Fresh Vegetables Delivered to Medical Workers' Families in Guangdong

An activity of caring for the families of the medical team members of South China's Guangdong Province to aid epidemic control efforts in Hubei Province was held on February 8. It was organized by the Guangdong Women's Federation, Guangdong Provincial Health Commission and the Guangdong Women and Children's Foundation (GWCF).

On that day, 470 boxes of fresh vegetables, rice, eggs and sweet potatoes were packaged to be delivered to the medical workers' families. 

Yang Jia, Vice-President of the Guangdong Women's Federation, said that the activity was expected to care for the medical staff assisting the epidemic prevention and control efforts in Hubei and their families, to help the medical workers relieve their anxiety. 

Women's federations in the province rapidly responded to the move. The Guangzhou Women's Federation collected the information of the medical workers' family members, understood their needs, and it mobilized all sectors of society to donate to the families. The Guangzhou Women Entrepreneurs Association, Guangzhou Women Entrepreneurs Development Promotion Association and Guangzhou Ruisen Biotechnology Co. Ltd donated 300,000 yuan (US $42,967) to the GWCF. A housekeeping service platform prepared to offer housekeeping services to the families in the future.

The Shantou Women's Federation together with the Shantou Women Entrepreneurs Association initiated a charity activity to care for the city's medical staff working on epidemic prevention and control on February 9. Free vegetables, meat and eggs will be offered twice a week for five consecutive weeks to the families of 100-plus female medical workers. 

Women's Federations in Jiangsu Provide Considerate Services 

Mobilized by the Jiangsu Women's Federation and the Jiangsu Women and Children's Foundation, the women's federations at all levels in East China's Jiangsu Province have offered services to the family members of the province's medical workers aiding the epidemic prevention efforts in Hubei. 

Officials of the women's federations have sent protective equipment to the family members, purchased sport suits for frontline medical staff in need, and delivered free vegetables to their families once a week. The federations have also provided psychological assistance to the families through the hotline "12338," to help them relieve pressure and solve their legal questions. Women volunteers have offered one-on-one services to impoverished families. 

The Wuxi Women's Federation used an app to offer vegetable delivery services to the families of the city's medical workers fighting against the virus in Hubei. The families will receive the vegetables the next day after they place an order.

The Taizhou Women's Federation started the vegetable delivery service on February 7. The first batch of fresh vegetables was delivered to the families of 15 medical workers aiding the epidemic prevention efforts in Hubei. 

The province's federation and women and children's foundation launched an action on January 26, to raise money for the frontline medical workers. Enterprises, public-benefit institutions and individual donors donated more than 14 million yuan (US $2.05 million). 

Women's Federations in Xinjiang Show Concern for Medical Workers' Families

Officials of the Urumqi Women's Federation served as psychological counselors to medical workers' family members. 

In Hami City, volunteers delivered meals for more than 40 medical personnel in the Hami Central Hospital. A women volunteer in Altay City provided free food to children and elderly people whose family members were working on the frontline. 

The Kashgar Women's Federation learned that the family members of 5,180 frontline medical workers needed to be taken care of, so it mobilized the women's federations at the city and county levels to learn the needs of the family members and care for the families in need. 

A work team composed of officials from the Women's Federation of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region sent books to the family members of the frontline medical workers in Qunbusi Village, and guide them to learn the prevention knowledge. 

Huaibei Women's Federation Brings Care to Medical Workers' Families

The Huaibei Women's Federation mobilized the women's federations at various levels in Huaibei, a city in East China's Anhui Province, to organize women volunteers to care for the family members of all the 14 medical workers aiding the epidemic prevention efforts in Hubei and the frontline medical workers fighting against the virus in the city. 

The women volunteers have visited their homes and helped them solve their problems, including looking after children and the elderly people, delivering daily necessities, doing household chores and offering psychological counseling.

On the day of Lantern Festival, the city's federation sent fruits, vegetables, milk and yuanxiao, sweet dumplings made of glutinous rice flour, to 20 families of the medical workers. 


(Source: cnwomen.com.cn/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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