Campaign to Care for Left-behind Children, Disadvantaged Children in Winter Vacation Launched in N China's Shanxi

January 1, 2020
Editor: Wang Liyan
Volunteers teach children to make dumplings. [For Women of China]


Organized by the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) and other departments and organizations, the "Taking Love Home" campaign, aiming to offer better care to disadvantaged children and left-behind children (whose parents have migrated to other areas for work) in winter vacation, was launched in Yangqu County in North China's Shanxi Province, on November 19, 2019.

Women's federations at all levels in Shanxi Province have carried out various activities to care for disadvantaged and left-behind children during the winter vacation.

Volunteers and children make dumplings together. [For Women of China]


Datong City

The Women's Federation of Datong City called on officials and members of the executive committees of the women's federations at all levels in the city, volunteers of family education, staff for legal publicity and lawyers to visit homes of impoverished children in poverty-stricken counties and districts, trying to know their conditions and problems and help them shake off poverty.  

The officials of women's federations and young volunteers went to the special education school in the city's Pingcheng District to enjoy a winter solstice festival with impoverished and disabled children. The volunteers, children and their family members make dumplings and give performances together.

Volunteers donated 1,200 yuan (US $171.27) and schoolbags, stationery, manual jigsaw puzzles worth 3,000 yuan (US $428.17) to the children, hoping them feel the warmth and love of society.

Volunteers and women's federation officials will get together during the Spring Festival, to care for the disadvantaged and left-behind children.


Volunteers visit the children in Hetou Township Boarding School in Huairen City. [For Women of China]


Shuozhou City

On December 19, 2019, the Shuozhou Working Committee on Children and Women, Women's Federation of Shuozhou City, Women's Federation of Huairen City, an association of social workers and charity enterprises teamed up to offer assistance to 150 left-behind and impoverished children in Hetou Township Boarding School in Huairen City.

Hetou is an impoverished township in Huairen. The villagers mainly depend on agricultural breeding or working in other areas. The boarding school has 74 pupils and 85 preschool children. More than 40 students are from single-parent families, 10 are left-behind children and 10 are from impoverished families.

The volunteers provided 150 suits of "love and warm packages," including down jackets, hats, gloves and scarves.

During the winter holiday, the Women's Federation of Shuozhou City will further carry out the "Taking Love Home" campaign to bring the concern and love from the Party, the government and society to more left-behind and disadvantaged children.

A volunteer gives a psychological lecture to children [For Women of China]


Jincheng City

The volunteers guided the children to know themselves correctly and improve their anti-pressure ability through communicating, drawing pictures and playing games. They donated more than 400 books and dictionaries to 100-plus children. They gave family-education lecture to more than 900 parents. Representatives of the province's "most beautiful families" shared the stories of their family traditions. More than 600 volunteers participated in the activities, helping more than 1,000 left-behind and disadvantaged children.The Women's Federation of Jincheng City organized female volunteers, lawyers and procurators and the workers from the family education association, women entrepreneurs' association, female physicians association, women's sports association and psychological counselors' association of the city, as well as loving enterprises, to take part in the campaign, ensuring that children can have a safe, harmonious and warm winter holiday.

A lecture on knowledge of nutrition and health and the prevention of common diseases is given to local women in Wenxi County. [For Women of China]


Wenxi County

On December 20, 2019, the Women's Federation of Wenxi County held the launching ceremony of the "Taking Love Home" campaign.

At the launching ceremony, Sun Shuangling, vice-president of the county's hospital, gave a lecture on the knowledge of nutrition and health and the prevention of common diseases. She also taught the attendees how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


(Women of China)

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