N China County Innovates in Grassroots Women's Federation Reform

December 19, 2017
By Jiang JunqiEditor: Rong Chen

The women's federation in the county of Kelan, north China's Shanxi Province, has furthered reform initiatives by implementing innovative measures in regard to regional organizational construction at the grassroots level.

"Through reform, the organization aims to better unite, connect and benefit local women and children," said Li Caiyun, president of Kelan Women's Federation, in a recent interview with China Women's News.

"The organization has completed the reform of replacing women's representative conferences at village level with women's federations. Many capable women have joined and boosted the vigor within the federation and improved its connections with local residents," Li added.

Reform in Villages

At the initial stage, the grassroots organization carried out pilot reform initiatives among 23 villages, Li said.

Afterwards, the federation advanced its regional reform among neighboring villages, many of which have only a small population.

Statistics indicate a total of 158 village-level women's federations have replaced the previous 202 women's representative conferences; and, new organizations have involved 158 grassroots presidents, 318 vice-presidents, and 1,791 executive committee members.

Meanwhile, grassroots organizations have established Women's Home activity centers relying on places for local gatherings among Party members.

Reform in Towns and Prefectures

The reform of regional construction has combined efforts from enterprises and women's federations among both towns and prefectures.

The initiatives aimed to break the barriers of women's occupations or industries involved and select capable and young professional women talents into the organization. For example, policewomen who also serve as executive committee members regularly promoted knowledge on laws and regulations among residents.

Organizations among 12 towns and prefectures have so far involved 48 part-time vice-presidents, 116 members to local executive committees. The average age of local federation presidents is 35.

Grassroots organizations have also improved the connecting mechanism between federation officials and local residents. In addition to people-to-people connections, officials nowadays make strong use of online messaging platforms to better serve women.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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