Relief Efforts Carried Out in Flood-hit Areas in C China

July 7, 2017
By Deng Xiaobo, Shao WeiEditor: Alice Shang
Relief Efforts Carried Out in Flood-hit Areas of S China

Xiao Zanxiu helps an elderly out of risky house [China Women's News]

Women in central China's Hunan Province have been doing their part to lend a hand to flood victims after torrential rain battered the region throughout the last fortnight.

The sustained rainfall has caused more than 3 million people to suffer property losses and over 5,141 houses have collapsed, leaving 263,200 people relocated, local media reports.

The direct economic loss to the province reached 4.94 billion yuan (U.S.$ 727million), according to authorities.

Ever since the rain set in, women's federations in the province, alongside women officials and volunteers have been joining in with relief efforts in the affected areas.

An official rescued an elderly lady out of dangerous house

Flooding has led to widespread disruption in Lianyuan County with roads, electricity and communication cut off.

Grassroots women's federations at all levels rushed to the affected zones as soon as they were informed of anti-flood tasks.

Elderly "empty nesters" (those whose adult children have left home), child-bearing women, and underprivileged households were their priority.

Most residents were relocated except Li Jutao, a 78-year-old woman, who still stayed at her dilapidated house.

Her son was disabled and Li had no choice but to stay with him as the disaster trapping them inside.

Realizing Li's dilemma, Xiao Zanxiu, vice president of women's federation in Gaoqiao Village, helped her out of the old house and found a safe place for her family.

Now, all villagers in Gaoqiao Village had been relocated.

Brave women wrecking crew

The continuous torrential rain has caused water levels to keep rising, endangering the dam in Changsha County.

Zhou Yong, chairman of the Fifth Bureau of China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), dispatched 400 people, along with equipment to join the dam-protection efforts on July 1.

"More than 70 people are selected from our project department. We are responsible for the safety of the 100-meter-long riverbank," said Yang Jin, an employee from CSCEC.

She guaranteed that relief resources were available all the time and everyone cooperated in an organized way.

At rescue sites, many volunteers were busy dredging, bagging and transporting sand to protect against flash flooding.

29-yr-old employee gives her life in flood relief efforts

Li Yueling from Xinning County was swept away by water after being hit by a landslide during her flood-risk checking tasks on July 1.

Being dispatched to patrol at night, Li was responsible for finding potential safety hazards in feature spots with four other colleagues.

Landslide occurred all of a sudden as Li was on her way patrolling with her colleagues.

Li got hit and washed away immediately, leaving no time for others to help.

Li was found dead 200 meters away from the place where she was hit.

She was honored as a March 8th Red Banner Pacesetter, an honorary title for women who have made outstanding contributions. Her unselfish rescue efforts will be long remembered, say officials.

Meanwhile, flood is still plaguing the area and locals and officials are still working on the flood-trapped zones.

Relief Efforts Carried Out in Flood-hit Areas of S China

Female volunteers deliver 'free meal boxes' to flood rescuers. [China Women's News]

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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