NW Women's Federation Promotes Family Virtues via Multiple Exhibitions

November 23, 2016
By Dang BaifengEditor: Rong Chen
NW Women's Federation Promotes Family Virtues via Multiple Exhibitions
A mom teaches her daughter about family virtues in a display organized by Shaanxi Women's Federation. [shx.wenming.cn]


Shaanxi Women's Federation, northwest China, plans to construct over 60 galleries and one online museum in the next five years to teach visitors about positive family virtues and the passing down of time-honored traditions.

The first such exhibition was recently opened in the village of Hengqu, near the city of Baoji, and took the memory of ancient Chinese neo-Confucian philosopher Zhang Zai (1020-1077) as its theme.

Since the project was announced, a total of 1,160 households have inscribed their family traditions onto cards to later be displayed in the gallery, reported a federation official.

The initiative aims to promote harmonious family relations and has been listed as a key part of Shaanxi's Livelihood Project Scheme for 2017. Such activities reveal so-called "socialist core values", commented Gong Xiaoyan, president of the federation.

"By displaying and exchanging such household precepts, the exhibitions can reveal local distinctive features in household traditions and encourage youngsters," explained Gong.

Other similar exhibitions will soon open to visitors in the cities of Xi'an and Yan'an, noted another federation official.

(Source: China Women's News /Translated and edited by Women of China)

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