NE China's Liaoning Province Fosters Grassroots Female Officials in Local Leadership

October 14, 2016
By Jia YingyingEditor: Rong Chen
NE China's Liaoning Province Fosters Grassroots Female Officials in Local Leadership
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Northeast China's Liaoning Province has increased its number of female officials in leadership at grassroots village level to 276 after related elections recently completed on the 12th Provincial Village Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), China Women's News reports.

There are 718 female Party secretaries at village level and 465 women directors at village level as well, reported an official from the congress.

Statistics indicate that the percentage of female officials among the 11,142 villages in Liaoning is up to 99.89 percent, an increase of 4.4 percent on the previous leadership.

Among them, village Party organizations in the province that involved female members have accounted for 72.79 percent; village committees that involved female members have accounted for 96.84 percent, added the official.

Meanwhile, it is noted that grassroots women's federations have fully covered every village across the province; a total of 11,092 grassroots women's federation officials have been involved in local leadership as well, accounting for 99.69 percent of the overall federation leadership and a rise of 1.76 percent on previous leadership, pointed out the official.

Among 11,218 administrative villages in Liaoning, 11,154 such villages have completed a related leadership transition, added the official. The number of female villager representatives is 8,330, accounting for 17.05 percent of the entire 48,865 village representatives.

In total, 71,031 people have been newly elected as members of the village committee, with 16,514 female members accounting for 23.25 percent, said the official.

According to a spokesperson, local grassroots women's federations have carried out innovative initiatives to foster female officials and villagers in local leadership.

Prior to the election, Liaoning Women's Federation has combined efforts from local government departments to ensure women's positions and rights during elections, further improving women's participation rate compared to that of previous leadership.

Furthermore, the provincial women's federation has taken good advantage of social media to promote women's involvement in local leadership.

Also, the provincial organization has urged grassroots federation officials to fulfill their job responsibilities in the overall process, especially in the key parts of voters' registration, candidates' nomination and formal election.

Meanwhile, Liaoning Women's Federation has issued notices about this event, providing guidance to increase women's involvement in grassroots women's federations in collaboration with local organization leadership transition.

Also, this initiative is expected to further promote the related work on the replacement of women's conferences with women's federations at grassroots village levels, said an official.

This optimized women's federation would form the local leadership with a team, consisting of one grassroots women's federation president, several vice-presidents, at least two part-time vice-presidents, an increasing number of female representatives, and the same formation in related women's conference leadership.

Therefore, this new formation would further increase women's voices in local leadership, reported an official from Liaoning Women's Federation.

"Women's federations have consistently combined efforts from various fields in safeguarding women's political rights," said the official

 "Meanwhile, officials have dedicated themselves to involving more potential successful women in grassroots women's federations, such as responsible female directors, elite female entrepreneurs, and those who work on public welfare projects or concerns on women and children in the region," noted the official.

"Training sessions would be frequently held in the region to improve female officials' qualities, job performance and participation in the administration and discussion of state affairs," added the official.

(Source: China Women's News /Translated and edited by Women of China)

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