A Transnational Couple with 31cm Height Gap

September 8, 2017
By Zhong TianyangEditor: Amanda Wu

A 31-centimeter height difference between a Swedish man and his Chinese girlfriend has endowed the couple with unique romantic stories.

"Kira? Where is Kira?" jokes Fabian and Kira's friends every time they meet. Standing by her 186-centimeter boyfriend, 155-centimeter Kira indeed looks petite. In addition, she weighs just over 40 kilograms, around half that of Fabian.

Kira from China and Fabian from Sweden got to know each other at a party three years ago. Shortly afterward, they fell in love, and bought a dog together.

When they walk the dog hand in hand in streets, they always attract many second glances. "Sometimes, I go in front of him, and he suddenly holds the back of my neck, saying: 'Honey, walk slowly,'" said Kira in an angry and sweet tone. 

"In fact, my height is normal for women in southern China, but he is so tall," she added.

Their height gap and cultural differences also brought about funny stories. When the two once took a vacation in Sweden, Fabian's mother who met Kira for the first time showed a surprised expression and then asked about her height and weight.

"I gave my answer immediately. Such a trivial matter is quite normal in China," recalled Kira.

However, the next day, the Swedish lady came to Fabian and apologized, saying: "Kira must be self-conscious of her height. My expression was too exaggerated and might have hurt her. Please tell her I was mindless to laugh at her."

Actually, Fabian knew Kira was careless about it. When recalling the nervous look of Fabian's mother, the couple feels both funny and happy.

Kira admits that she likes Fabian's long legs most. "Maybe because I am short, I only have eyes for tall men," she explained.

"Honey, I like everything about you," responded Fabian.

"He is a typical Swedish man, choosing the most romantic answer," remarked Kira.

Over the past three and half years, the two have got along well with each other. Despite her height, Kira stands on her own feet. She is a senior manager of market operations in her company.

"Neither of us plays the role of being the master of the house. We settle things through discussion," noted Kira. Fabian gives most of his salary to her every month, because the two agree that Kira is better at managing money.

In their life, Kira enjoys Fabian's sense of ceremony. For example, he gets up early at weekends to prepare a fancy breakfast and pays attention to food presentation; he buys must-have things for festivals, such as the Christmas tree and the birthday hat.

They have Northern European-style tableware and furniture, with each item placed in order and used in line with rules. "Fabian once wanted to drink champagne but our champagne glasses had broken a while before. As a result, he was bewildered," reminisced Kira.

"He is so particular about details. It's sometimes bothering but if it hits the point, it turns out to be romantic," she added.

Kira shared the most romantic Valentine's Day in her memory. In the morning, when she still lay in bed, Fabian showed up with his self-made breakfast, two scented candles, a parcel of Tiffany jewelry as well as their dog.

When she just started in her company, Fabian arranged for her to receive a bunch of flowers at her desk.

When she got back home after work, Fabian had already made a formal candlelit dinner.

"At the time, I found it a happy thing to be together with him," concluded Kira.

(Source: thepaper.cn/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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