Manchu-style Cuisine in N China's Chengde

December 28, 2016
By Zhang XingjianEditor: Yang Yang
Stewed pear with lotus root [China Daily/Zhang Xingjian]


You may consider Chengde a tourist city, but don't ignore the distinguished food culture here.

In fact, Chengde has a fairly long history of royal food culture. Since the establishment of the Chengde Summer Resort during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), superior royal cooking skills, together with folk cooking methods, have combined to create Chengde food.

Eight Dishes, a typical Manchu-style cuisine served in Chengde, in North China's Hebei province, refers to the delicate meals served during the lunar Chinese New Year.

Using a combination of techniques including frying, stir-frying, roasting, steaming, stewing and braising, Eight Dishes select quality meat of wild animals such as rabbit, camel, sparrow and venison as the main ingredients with a focus on rich flavors.

Let's take a look at some typical Chengde cuisine served at the Qiao Family Manchu Eight Dishes Restaurant.

Shredded roast rabbit meat [China Daily/Zhang Xingjian]
Bacon platter [China Daily/Zhang Xingjian]
Braised drumsticks [China Daily/Zhang Xingjian]
Braised camel meat in brown sauce [China Daily/Zhang Xingjian]
Roasted grosbeak [China Daily/Zhang Xingjian]
Manchu-style hotpot [China Daily/Zhang Xingjian]
Wandou huang, made from sweet pea puree [China Daily/Zhang Xingjian]


(Source: China Daily)

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