Drama'The Grand Mansion Gate'

November 5, 2013
Editor: Zhao Ruizhen
Drama'The Grand Mansion Gate'
Stage Photo: Drama 'The Grand Mansion Gate' [163.com]
Venue: Lyric Theater,Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai
Dates: November 13 to 17, 2013

Based on the novel of the same name by Guo Baochang, the drama The Grand Mansion Gate has been incubating at the National Theater of China for years. It premiered at National Centre for the Performing Arts in early 2013, and is now running on the stage. The play reflects the rise and fall of a large medical family, the Bais, during different historical periods--from the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to the Republic of China (1911-1949) to the Liberation.

In this play, Bai Jingqi in his late 80s, with a lantern in his hand, is hobbling and patrolling around the yard, which he has been doing routinely for decades. Today, the Herbs Hall founded by ancestors that had prospered in his own hands was now facing disintegration. Children of this family were vying for the property, which had overwhelmed him in mixed feelings. This elderly man began to recall the ups and downs in his life and the women he had loved.

Guo, the author of the novel, will act as the director and play a role in the drama as well. Some of the cast of the TV version, Liu Peiqi and Siqin Gaowa, and other excellent drama actresses and actors like Liu Wei and Zhu Yuanyuan will play important roles in the drama. With the memories of Bai Jingqi as the entry point, the Grand Mansion Gate takes all the classic scenes from the TV version and represents, in less than three hours, the ups and downs of Bais’ family and their work in traditional Chinese medicine.

Playwright: Liu Shen
Director: Guo Baochang, Li Xinling
Performed by the National Theater of China
Cast: Siqin Gaowa, Liu Wei, Zhu Yuanyuan, Liu Peiqi, Lei Kesheng, Na Renhua

About the National Theater of China
The National Theater of China (NTC),affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, is a performing arts organization with diverse creative resources and a brilliant history. The theater possesses a galaxy of senior artists, such as Ouyang Yuqian, Liao Chengzhi, Wu Xue, Shu Qiang, Jin Shan and Sun Weishi who provided a solid foundation for the Theater’s development.

Today’s NTC owns the top dramatists and administrators throughout China. Because of their outstanding talents, the Theater features neo-realistic works and boasts a strong art creation and management team.

Nowadays, the NTC has three modern theaters, including a grand theater, a small performance venue, and the Vanguard Theatre, suitable for a variety of performances. In addition, a nationwide theater league gathered around Beijing has been progressively established, offering dynamic support to the intense performances in the latest management model.

(Source: culture.sh.cn)

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