Concept Bookstore Targets Female Readers

August 6, 2018
Editor: Xie Wen
Concept Bookstore Targets Female Readers
Totoro is a key element in the World of Ghibli in China exhibition. [China Daily]


A reporter from Beijing Morning Post recently visited the Momicafe, a concept bookstore on the 4th floor of Changying Paradise Walk Mall in Beijing, to learn about its basic business operations.

In the small and cozy space of the store, a large proportion of its customers are women. The manager said, "We mainly promote a lifestyle, thus our target group is young white-collar workers from 18-35 years old, especially female readers."

In one recent national book consumption report, researchers indicated that women were more likely to read books. They also said women consume 1.5 times as many books as men. In a women's reading report released by Chinese online retailer in 2017, their top four categories were listed as children's, culture, literature and lifestyle.

In Momicafe, books are mainly selected by the book manager, who sometimes communicates with publishing houses and professional book selection teams. The store also conducts an annual book recommendation activity.

The form of the concept bookstore is refreshing, but its business model can be easily imitated by its peers. So, in the face of fierce market competition in the industry, such bookstores need to concentrate on positioning their uniqueness as compared to others.

At the beginning, Momicafe stores were usually set up in scenic spots. As more branches opened, the brand has also developed many sub-branches in shopping malls and communities.

In fact, businesses of its kind were unsuitable for the shopping mall several years ago because of its low profits. As people's ever-growing needs for spiritual level, a combination of bookstores, cafes, cinemas and entertainment facilities can solidly increase customer numbers and drive high-margin sales.

Now, many shopping centers will actively seek independent bookstores and provide some subsidies for their decoration, hoping to enhance its artistic image to attract more consumers.


Concept Bookstore Targets Female Readers
Visitors take a picture with Totoro. [China Daily]
Concept Bookstore Targets Female Readers
Visitors take a ride in the Tatsuo's bus featured in Momicafe. [China Daily]


(Source: Translated and edited by Women of China)

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