Multiple High-Quality Domestic, Foreign Repertoires Show Women Artists' 'Inner Power'

 April 11, 2018
Multiple High-Quality Domestic, Foreign Repertoires Show Women Artists' 'Inner Power'
The Learned Ladies []


The Second Women's Art Festival at Guangzhou Opera House kicked off in February. The theme is centered around "Inner Power" of contemporary female creators. The event will continue until April, introducing eight works of top female artists to show their inner power to the audience.

These stage productions come from six different countries. In terms of drama, there is the famous drama director Meng Jinghui's melodrama Amber as the opening, the famous French dramatist Molière's cross-time comedy The Learned Ladies, and Seagull, for which it was hard to get a ticket when it was staged in the Lithuanian OKT Theater last year.

For dance, the famous Chinese dancing artist Wang Yuanyuan will present two modern ballet works Poison and Wild Grass with the Beijing Dance Theatre. Both of these two works have attracted attention when premiered, and their overseas tours won international accolade.

The contemporary female creators are uncompromising in their careers and tough on themselves in their lives. There seems to be a strong "inner power" in their bodies, and they are trying hard to convey this power to the audience through their works. It is known that the women's art festival has not only many high-quality domestic and foreign productions, but also a rich array related activities, such as workshops where artists interact intimately with each other, art lectures, and screening of lighthearted women-centric movies, which is expected to bring an artistic baptism to the audience.

Directed by Meng Jinghui and written by Liao Yimei, the large-scale melodrama Amber was staged at the on February 24 and 25 to ignite the 2018 Women's Art Festival. During the three years from 2005 to 2008, this play traveled to seven cities in Asia, with 54 performances grossing 15 million yuan . Its overseas tours were sensational.

Amber shows the psychological status and social styles of contemporary Chinese youth, and it also integrates the elements of contemporary international cities into the stage, such as the use of a wall full of air conditioners, bar codes, slides, and luminescent lights presenting a mystical artistic atmosphere. The perfect combination of fantastic ideas and theater space impress the audience deeply.


Multiple High-Quality Domestic, Foreign Repertoires Show Women Artists' 'Inner Power'
The stage photo of Amber []


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