School-badge Mooncakes of 5 Shanghai Universities

September 30, 2017
Editor: Amanda Wu
School-badge Mooncakes of 5 Shanghai Universities

The mooncake of sweetened bean paste with egg yolk, made by Fudan University []


The mooncake is a traditional Chinese snack eaten during Mid-autumn Festival. To celebrate the special date, several domestic universities have produced unique versions carved with their own emblems. Here are such delicacies from Shanghai's five top universities.

Fudan University

This year, the mooncake of Fudan University features six fillings, which are sweetened bean paste, lotus seed paste, five kernels, sweetened bean paste with egg yolk, purple sweet potato, and spiced beef. The price ranges from 6 yuan (U.S.$ 0.9) to 8 yuan (U.S.$ 1.2) per cake.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University 

Shanghai Jiao Tong University made their mooncake with the motto "Gratitude and Responsibility" to help promote a positive ethos among students. 

The university initiated a poll from June 13-16 to vote for the flavors to be used, and eventually went for egg yolk, Dahongpao tea paste, cheese, purple sweet potato and coconut.

Tongji University 

Tongji University has offered three series of mooncakes, as follows,

Cantonese mooncakes:
Sweetened bean paste: 5.5 yuan (U.S.$ 0.8) each
Multinuts: 6.5 yuan (U.S.$ 1.0) each
Durian: 8 yuan (U.S.$ 1.2) each

Suzhou-style mooncakes:
Custard: 5.5 yuan (U.S.$ 0.8) each
Roast pork: 5.5 yuan (U.S.$ 0.8) each
Fresh flower: 5 yuan (U.S.$ 0.7) each
Fresh meat: 3 yuan (U.S.$ 0.8) each

Japanese-style mooncakes: 35 yuan (U.S.$ 5.3) per package

East China Normal University

Since September 4, the university has provided Cantonese-style mooncakes with fillings such as lotus seed paste with egg yolk, five kernels with spiced salt, mushroom with ham and red peanut paste. They have also offered Suzhou-style mooncakes with meat.

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The university has promoted mooncakes carved with a taichi diagram or the school badge. The fillings boast medicinal and edible ingredients like lotus seeds, wolfberries, red peanuts and orange peel. 

Their mooncakes are said to help invigorate the spleen, reinforce the stomach, and tranquilize the mind.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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