Would You Like to Live in a Big City or Small Town?

September 11, 2017
Editor: Yang Yang

A survey with 2,004 respondents has revealed only 35.5 percent of those surveyed prefer to live in big cities, and 61.3 percent prefer low-pressure and a more comfortable life in small cities, according to China Youth Daily on Tuesday. Where would you prefer to live? Forum readers share their opinions.

urbexer (China)

I always enjoy living in the big cities as everything is convenient. However, convenience does not necessarily always equate a better life. My flat in Shenzhen is very convenient in terms of location to supermarkets, eateries and nightlife. However, I would say my quality and enjoyment of life is not good.

xiphoid (US)

While I never cared for large cities, my wife loves them. Being from Hongkong, she is a regular uptown girl. However, we found we are perfectly happy here in a mid-sized city. Ann Arbor is just the right size. It has 200,000-ish people, plus a very vibrant cultural life, thanks to all the students of U of M. It provides just about all the convenience that a large city can offer without the heavy rush hour traffic, heavy pollution and high crime rates.

holidays (China)

I grew up in Zhaoqing, a mid-size city in central Guangdong province. The air is a lot fresher than most of the big cities. There is also a lower cost of living, good scenery, a slower pace and more conservative culture. It has most of the things a city has but is closer to nature. It is also not too far from big cities in case you miss them.

I have lived in a big city, like Guangzhou and Atlanta, for years. I also lived on a small remote Island in South of Georgia for quite some time. The truth is, there are always good and bad things associated with places. I think if you are curious, energetic, young and enjoy having a social life, choose big cities; however, if you are quiet, relaxed, like nature, and enjoy simple things and ordinary people, choose a small place to live.

libbycrystal (China)

Personally, I think, struggling in big city is a worthwhile experience; especially when you are young. While those in big cities meet more difficulties than people who live in relatively small, comfortable and cozy environments, it’s worth it. I have to admit, people do tend to have lonely moments even while they’re surrounded with people in crowd streets, and I can’t help but being in tears sometimes. I do, however, know everything will get better.

cyberspook (Australia)

I have lived and worked in a medium sized city by Australian standards for many years. There was plenty of work and housing prices were manageable, but the lifestyle was hectic and full of stress. When I sold my business and moved to a very small town on an island, there were fewer jobs here, but the housing prices were cheap, and the lifestyle was light and care free. This kind of life suits me suits me most, and I will not be moving any time soon. Choosing between living in a city or smaller area depends on what your life goals are. If you want money, you should go to a city; but if you want a peaceful life, with good health, then smaller areas all the way.

tiger343400 (Singapore)

It is a common phenomenon in a big metropolis as rapid development of the Chinese economy. It is up to you to make choice on whether stay or leave. There are many opportunities and lures, and brutal competition and the strongest survival. At the beginning of urban development, it need many talented youngsters who bring dynamic force, but when it became mature, exclusion start as well.

(Source: China Daily)

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