E-Commerce Company Promotes Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Online

May 24, 2018
Editor: Xie Wen
A visitor experiences kite making. [People.cn]


An intangible cultural heritage exhibition, sponsored by Yongxin Huayun Cultural Development Co. and e-commerce company JD.com (JD), was held in Beijing from April 23-25, to further implement the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage both online and through the exhibition.

The exhibition adopted an antique-style design to display artworks. Apart from the display area of intangible cultural heritage, including shadow puppets, dough figurines, kites and watermarks, they also had set areas for master's works and tea art.

People not only appreciated the exhibits, but they also experienced intangible artistic skills.

The Kite Production Experience Zone attracted many visitors. Luo Huanwen, a Beijing folk craft kite master, demonstrated the process of kite production and patiently guided the young people to experience kite making.

"I just want to spread kite culture and folk art as much as possible." According to Luo, "Craft kites are different from the kites on the market today. Their patterns and colors are very significant in traditional Chinese culture."

In addition to this, plant dyeing also attracted many spectators. The audience understood the history of plant dyeing, the origin of color, and specific tie-dyeing skills through the exhibit.

At the same time, people experienced the traditional craftsmanship, such as arranging the dye liquid and designing their own zipper fabrics.

According to the organizers, "The exhibition disseminates excellent traditional culture through online technology, especially mobile technology, and provides an open platform for people to display intangible cultural heritage works. It also provides a channel for consumers to better understand and purchase intangible products."

The UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Database has also reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Yongxin Huayun and JD to work together to create a special area for e-commerce, and build a sales platform for products.

With the help of the Internet, the study of intangible cultural heritage has become a key issue today under the new development model of the Internet. The UNESCO Database will join hands with JD to jointly promote the integration of various cultures, to help protect, inherit and innovate intangible cultural heritage, and effectively disseminate Chinese culture.

Yongxin Huayun and the UNESCO Database will cooperate with JD in the creation and promotion of intangible cultural heritage and products in related fields and industries to contribute their own strength and social responsibility for the preservation and inheritance of traditional culture and intangible cultural heritage.


Visitors experience watermarks on wood. [People.cn]


(Source: People.cn/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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