Traditional Papermaking Skills Draw Foreign Attention

November 4, 2017
Editor: Candy Liao
Traditional Papermaking Skills Draw Foreign Attention
A foreign tourist uses leaves and flowers to make a beautiful piece of paper in Shiqiao village, Guizhou province. [China Daily]


Instead of visiting the more popular touristy cities like Beijing or Shanghai, overseas tourists have taken more of an interest in the natural landscape and ethnic culture of Shiqiao, a village in Southwest China's Guizhou province, especially the art of traditional papermaking.

"It's rare to see such ancient technology nowadays. People in Shiqiao village are great!" a foreign tourist says. Seen as something so typical to a local person, the traditional paper made in this remote village is taken back to the homes of the foreigners as exquisite presents to relatives and friends.

Raw materials for papermaking is everywhere in this autonomous mountain region, located in Danzhai county of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong. Shiqiao village has born generations and generations of traditional papermakers and has passed down workshops and technology for as far back 2,000 years.

More than 300 local households of Miao ethnic group engage in the production of papermaking. From raw materials to finished products, all processes are accomplished by hand.

In 2006, Shiqiao village was listed as National Intangible Cultural Heritage for its successful upkeep of the Chinese tradition. Even in recent years, colored handmade paper there were sold and exported to regions and countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, France and Western Europe. As the age of technology and convenience continue to surge into the future, it is admirable for local people to keep such ancient traditions alive, all while capturing foreigners' interest.


Traditional Papermaking Skills Draw Foreign Attention
Foreign tourists experience traditional papermaking in Shiqiao village, Guizhou province.[China Daily]
Traditional Papermaking Skills Draw Foreign Attention
Foreign tourists walk through the streets of Shiqiao village in southeast Guizhou province.[China Daily]


(Source: China Daily)

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