China Children and Teenagers' Foundation

April 2, 2015
Editor: Kiki Liu

China Children and Teenagers' Fund (CCTF) was established in 1981 as the first charitable foundation in China. Over the last 26 years, the CCTF has been striving for the education and welfare of Chinese children, especially those in rural and ethnic minority areas.


To help create a safe and healthy environment for children's growth by keeping them from dropping out of school, from injuries, from illnesses and from crimes.


Spring Bud Project

In 1989, CCTF launches "Spring Bud Project" which aimed to aid girls in the poverty-stricken regions who were deprived of education back to school. Over past 18 years, Spring Bud Project has all together helped sponsor over 1,500,000 girls in their education and practical skills training.

With compulsory education pushing forwards in China, Spring Bud Project also refreshed itself by paying more attention to girl career education. The CCTF have set up "Spring Bud Practical Skills Training Special Fund". With support of Spring Bud Project, huge numbers of young women has support themselves economically and some of them even have their own business.

Spring Bud Project has been placed at a very outstanding position as a great worthy cause in decision by the State Council to further improve education in rural area.

Enkon Project (China Children Safe-healthy Growth Project)

The CCTF is very concerned about some outstanding issue related to children's safe and healthy growth including children's psychological issue, adolescent crime, unintentional injuries.

Enkon Project's aim is to keep children far away from dropping out of school, injuries, illnesses and crimes by creating social environment that is favorable for children's safe and healthy growth. "Enkon" in Chinese pronunciation means "safe and healthy".

Enkon Project had been prescribed into "Program for the Development of Chinese Children (2000-2010)" and the white book "2000 China Human Right Development".

China Children's Charity Day

To promote public awareness for children's charity in China, June 22 each year has been designated as China Children's Charity Day. For the China Children's Charity Day 2004, a grand ceremony was held at the Great Hall of the People for those kind-hearted corporations, organizations and individuals from around the globe. Their contribution to the charity for children will be recorded in China Children's Charity Monument, which stands at the Great Wall. China Children's Charity Day has been launched since 2002.



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