C China Province Launches Effective Actions, Safeguards Rights of Women, Children

December 28, 2018
Editor: Xie Wen

Women's federations at all levels in central China's Hubei Province have actively promoted legislation and supervision in recent years to effectively strengthen the protection of women's and children's legitimate rights and interests.

In terms of safeguarding rural women's land-related rights and interests, women's federations at all levels have participated in the registration and certification of rural land contract and management rights, the certification of rural residential land, the reform of the residential land system and the rural collective property rights system.

Hubei Women's Federation (HWF) took the initiative to enter the provincial leading group responsible for the reform of rural collective property rights system, and supported the group to issue the Notice on Effectively Protecting Women's Legitimate Rights and Interests in the Reform of the Rural Collective Property Rights System, with an emphasis on protecting special groups such as the married, the divorced, widows, and farmers married to non-farmers.

In strengthening local legislation against domestic violence, HWF suggested the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial People's Congress include the local regulations on preventing and stopping domestic violence into its annual legislative project this year.

The federation also jointly carried out legislative investigations within and outside the province five times and held three multi-level symposiums, soliciting more than 300 opinions and suggestions from various departments.

On November 15, 2018, the regulations passed the second review of the provincial people's congress standing committee. Meanwhile, various departments have also actively introduced supporting policies to implement anti-domestic-violence warning and personal security protection orders.

As of this May, public security departments in Hubei had issued a total of 314 warnings, and the courts has issued 78 personal security protection orders.

In order to further promote women's equal employment, in recent years, HWF has conducted an online questionnaire survey on suggestions on promoting women's equal employment in 200 companies.

It has also organized symposiums for officials of the provincial departments of personnel, finance, taxation and labor and representatives of enterprises, to explore the feasibility of tax exemptions and issuing financial subsidies to companies which have a high concentration of female staff.

HWF also coordinated with the human resources and social security bureau in jointly issuing the suggestions on promoting equal employment for women, which mentioned that efforts should be made to establish the mechanism of appointing women's federation officials as labor security supervisors, conducting joint law enforcement inspections and issuing warning to enterprises that violate regulations. The supervision of gender discrimination in employment and the handling of typical cases of violating women's labor rights should also be strengthened.

In addition, in recent years, women's federations at various levels in the province have focused on difficult problems affecting women and children in the fields of marriage, family, property and personal rights, by constantly innovating institutional mechanisms, gathering social resources, and gradually establishing and perfecting the comprehensive rights protection service system for conflict investigation, mediation, psychological counseling, and legal assistance.

In order to further clear the channels for complaints concerning primary rights protection, the province actively constructed a network handling online and offline complaints; and further established more than 30,000 complaint handling sites by relying on various social organizations and expert teams.

With the support of the judicial and administrative organs, the province has also established 458 legal aid agencies for women and children, which has effectively linked with women's federations.

HWF has continuously promoted the socialization of rights protection work in recent years. The "public welfare Mulan" initiative launched by the Hubei Women and Children Social Organization Service Center include a large number of projects with respect to anti-domestic violence, marriage and family relationship reconciliation, and sexual assault prevention for rural "left-behind" girls.

Hubei also actively explored the establishment of a working mechanism for the convergence of people's mediation, judicial and administrative mediation in marriage and family disputes.

By the first half of 2018, Hubei had established 118 family issue mediation committees at or above the county level, and handled 10,629 various disputes.

(Source: Cnwomen.com.cn/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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