Young Migrant Workers Deserve Equal Rights

February 24, 2010
Editor: sarah

The first policy document of 2010 issued by the central government recently put much emphasis on helping the new generation of migrant workers. This is the first time the phrase "new generation of migrant workers" has been used in an official document issued by the central government.

The new generation of migrant workers, also called "second generation migrant workers," do not have the wealthy family backgrounds or strong social connections that some people of their age do. This leads to them having an even more urgent desire for social equity and fair competition than the elder generation.

China is going through a stage of social transition and rapid urbanization, which helped this group to move from their underdeveloped hometowns and become familiar with the big cities. As an underprivileged group in the cities, some brand clothes and a decent living environment cannot fundamentally change their living standards. What would really have an effect is fair competition with urban residents on employment, marriage, education and social activity.

They are a new generation migrant workers. But they carry more burdens than their fathers once did. "New" should mean more than just youth, but also indicate a better quality of life. The phrase "the new generation of migrant workers" should come to be a sign of equal rights.

The rise of the new generation of migrant workers will pose a tough challenge for urban society as well as the civic awareness of the urban population. In the meantime, it will push forward social equality and fairness.

(Source: Global Times -Xiaoxiang Morning Paper)

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