Menggen Jimisu: A New Star from the Grassland

October 8, 2008
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Menggen Jimisu: A New Star from the Grassland

China's Menggen Jimisu competes in the women's discus F40 final at the National Stadium, also known as the Bird's Nest, during the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games on September 13, 2008.

Menggen Jimisu won the gold in the women's discus throw F40 final with a throw of 28.04 meters and broke the world record at the National Stadium, also known as the Bird's Nest, during the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games on September 13, 2008.

Little-known Menggen walked onto the field. Her first throw was 26.93 m, 7.7 m further than the record. Then Tunisia's Aroua Tlili threw a new record of 27.33 m. The competition for the gold medal was between them.

Menggen set a new world record of 27.97 m in her third throw, then 25.43 m in her fifth throw, raising the record she had just set. Tlili's final throw was 27.61m. Menggen was very excited, she jumped and hopped around as her coach Shen Maomao gave her a national flag. Menggen ran around the field wrapped in the national flag to show her respect to all the spectators.

Menggen Jimisu was born in a shabby Mongolian yurt in Erdos, Inner Mongolia. When she saw that her daughter was disabled, her mother left and never returned. Her grandparents brought her up. Her grandma said: "We sent our granddaughter to school even though we were very poor at that time." Menggen was a very sensible girl. She studied very hard and did a good job. She helped her grandparents to herd after school. A life of poverty didn't limit Menggen's imagination. She often thought about the world outside the grassland.

How did Menggen leave the grassland? The champion athlete, Hasilao, from Inner Mongolia, who had won the gold medal in the discus 12 years ago, began searching for a discus athlete in 2005. He heard about a little girl who was able to bear hardship. Hasilao went to Menggen's house, but her family did not want her to be an athlete. Hasilao went to Menggen's house again and again to persuade her grandparents. He told them that he could afford her food, her accommodation and her studies, and so finally, little Menggen left the grassland with Hasilao.

Menggen worked very hard and made rapid progress. Her mental state was good when entering the competition and she only made one mistake in six throws. Menggen said: "I was a little nervous at the beginning because it was the first time I competed in the Paralympics. Then the coach told me to relax. I felt great after breaking the record. I hadn't thought of winning the gold medal or breaking the record. I just wanted to do as well as I did in training. I was surprised to win the gold medal and break the world record."

Menggen said excitedly: "I want to thank Hasilao and my coach Shen. I want to thank the Chinese sports association for the disabled. I was brought up by my grandmother and experienced a lot of hardship. I believe winning the gold medal will have a great influence on my life." She also said: "It is not yet the time for me to relax. I still have the Shot Put - F40. I hope to do my best.

Profile of Menggen Jimisu

Date of Birth: April 8, 1991

Place of Birth: Erdos, Inner Mongolia

Sport: Athletics

Event(s): Women's Discus Throw - F40 | Women's Shot Put - F40

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