The Secret of a Hong Kong Businesswoman's Success

July 7, 2008
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Pollyanna Chu, Managing Director of Kingston Group, was awarded the "Outstanding Chinese Prize"in Hong Kong on June 23, 2008.

During the past 10 years or more, Pollyanna Chu's business has improved a lot from real estate to hotels and to stocks, from the US to Hong Kong and to the Southeast Asian market. Now, she is a heroine in the circle of finance as the managing Director of Kingston Group and C.E.O. of Golden Resorts Group Limited. However she smiled and said: "I'm only a relationship officer who never stops learning."

Working Hard

Pollyanna Chu immigrated to the US when she was 18 years old. After marriage, she, together with her husband, invested in real estate. In 1992, she decided to go to Hong Kong to start her business in Kingston, a stock company established by her and her husband.

In the past 16 years, she studied finance and participated in the stock business to increase the investment chances for customers. She said, "Finance is a serving business. What we should do is finding out the customers' needs and meeting their needs. Therefore, we ourselves seldom speculate on stocks." In 1999, the investment-banking sector was founded and their business began to move to areas such as the newly-listed securities and the merger of the listed companies. Then her company became a multi-business corporation. In 2005, Pollyanna Chu's career reached another climax and she took the position of general manager of Gold Group.

She said, "I'm working hard all the time. I feel honored for what I have achieved during these years, which lies in that I continue to learn and keep my knowledge in line with the time and market."

Besides her own development, Pollyanna Chu expects to contribute to the trade of finance. She is now the vice-president of a non-profiting organization of the listed companies in Hong Kong, which was set up in 2002 and aimed to protect the rights of the investors. She wished the better future of finance.

Being Modest

Pollyanna Chu, in her opinion, has benefited from the motto that her father presented to her: diligent, modest and thrifty. She puts much emphasis on being modest.

"In the beginning, I didn't know anything about finance. I gradually learnt and improved my knowledge in the field. I have kept learning till now. There have been big changes in the business. Only learning can keep up to date with the developing finance. I am also good at exploring what others need. I can help them find experts to solve the problems. During their conversation, I am able to learn something when I sit to one side," said she.

At the mention of the future of the corporation, Pollyanna Chu is determined to keep going and never stop. "I will make an effort all the time."

Effective Management

Pollyanna Chu is very busy and shoulders many social positions. When asked how she would assign her time, Pollyanna Chu said, "I have good employees." Actually, her excellent management is one part of her success. To be the best, it is necessary the employees be allowed to give suggestions to her directly. The management system and respect to the employees has contributed to the fast development of the company.

Double Advantage

Pollyanna Chu said her character was similar to a man's, but she was also careful as a woman. Therefore, she has both advantages. In her opinion, Hong Kong gives much freedom and space to women's development. Therefore, she can focus on her career with the support of her husband. Under their cooperation—her husband is in charge of the development of the company and she is in charge of the market of the company—Pollyanna Chu has developed her advantages well.

Repaying Society

Pollyanna Chu never forgets about repaying society even though she is success. She has been always interested in the public beneficial activities and the business promoting the development of society. She tries her best to serve society and pays attention to education and the living status of the young and the old.

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