Husband Shaves Head to Inspire Wife with Advanced Cancer

May 7, 2014
Editor: Arnold Hou
Husband Shaves Head to Inspire Wife with Advanced Cancer
Feng Ying (L) and her husband Yang Haibin wave at the ward. []

A young woman named Feng Ying with advanced cancer underwent a second craniotomy at the Beijing Tiantan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University on May 6. To inspire her to stay optimistic, her husband Yang Haibin also shaved his head before the surgery.

Feng, a "post-90s generation" woman from Zhengzhou, the capital city of central China's Henan Province, has been suffering from a malignant brain tumor for three years. She stays optimistic in fighting against the disease, but her condition steadily deteriorated.

Feng met her husband through the mobile messaging app WeChat. After chatting for some time, they fell swiftly in love. "If you live one day, I'll accompany you one day; if you live for a year, I will accompany you for a year," Yang said.

Feng told Yang that she may not live for a year, and they may never have a baby. However, Yang did not care and decided to propose. They got married on March 2 this year.

On May 5, the day before the surgery, Feng shaved her head as the doctor advised, although she was reluctant to do it. Yang also shaved his head, saying that he wanted to tell her in this way not to be frightened and that he was always staying with her.

On the morning of May 6, Yang took his wife's hand firmly right before she was about to be wheeled into the operation room.

Seeing correspondents and nurses watching her, Feng asked them with a smile, "Am I beautiful without hair?" "Yes," all of them answered.

Feng said recently many people from across the country came to see her although her visiting time is strictly limited, which moved her very much. She said she would muster up the courage to hold out until the last possible moment.

The couple was clear that the craniotomy was quite risky for Feng and they faced a lot of pressure.

"Come on! I will wait for you here," said Yang, with tears in his eyes. "I will. Wait for me, dear," said Feng, trying to keep back her tears.

After Feng was wheeled into the operation room, Yang told correspondents that they will go to Qingdao to watch the sea as soon as she recovers.

"She has never seen the sea and I will help her realize her dream," said Yang.

He also said that they would have a baby if possible and it would be better if it was a daughter. "I believe we will realize these dreams one day," he said. "A miracle is sure to happen."

At 1:30pm the surgery ended. The surgeon said the surgery went smoothly, but the patient’s condition was severe and it was unavoidable her tumor would relapse.

At 4:54pm, Feng was wheeled out of the operation room. Yang and other family members were excited to see her.

Yang said that currently Feng is in a stable condition.

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