Hebei Women's Federation to Further Promote Gender Equality

November 20, 2013
Editor: Liu Yunting

Hebei Women's Federation to Further Promote Gender Equality
Women volunteers in Handan City in northern China's Hebei Province vow to better serve the needy. [Hebei Women's Federation / Chang Ying]
Northern China's Hebei Province will further promote the basic national policy of gender equality, according to the 13th Hebei Provincial Women's Congress held in the province's capital city of Shijiazhuang from October 19-21, 2013.

President of Hebei Women's Federation Wang Shuling presented a work report during the opening ceremony, in which she reviewed the achievements that the federation has made over the last five years and emphasized the focus of its work over the next five years. Women's federations across the province should ensure women enjoy the same opportunities as men do in personal development, social security and access to public services.

The report also said that women's federations should encourage women to contribute more to the province's economic development and provide trainings to improve the overall quality of the female work force and fuel the development of women's employment and entrepreneurship. Hebei women are also encouraged to participate more in politics.

The Hebei Women's Federation will attach great importance to women's and children's welfare and the focus of the work will include boosting development of impoverished women, promoting health check-ups among urban and rural women, integrating financing the treatment of women's and children's serious diseases into the government's project concerning people's livelihood, and training more qualified working staff for women's federations.

A total of 786 women representatives attended the event, six more than the previous congress. The representatives came from all walks of life, with 7.76 percent of them being from ethnic minority groups.

The 13th Executive Committee of the Hebei Women's Federation was also elected during the congress.

According to the Hebei Primary Data Report, conducted by the Hebei Women's Federation and Statistical Bureau of Hebei Province, the province has seen great improvements in health, education, economy, and marriage and family. Hebei women's decision-making power in their personal affairs and their satisfaction towards their marriage and family tops the nation, with 90.2 percent feeling 'very satisfied' and 'relatively satisfied' about their family status, which is five percent higher than the national average.

Over 90 percent have autonomous rights over their personal affairs and wives have seen their participation in decision-making about family production, investments, loans, and purchasing real estate improved.

Hebei women's participation in politics and management is also improving. The report shows that 10.7 percent of the women polled served as leaders, four percent higher than in 2000. The number of women donating money and blood as well as volunteering also increased by 48.3 percent compared to 2000.

Up to 85.2 percent of the women polled said they are aware China has special laws to protect women, which is 12 percent higher than in 2000 and 1.8 percent higher than the national average.

The report also shows that the proportion of Hebei women covered by the social pension security system and social medical care has improved dramatically, and is now almost equal to that of men.

The urban-rural women's social pension security gap has narrowed from 55 percent in 2000 to 34.9 percent.

The report states that Hebei women are now able to enjoy an average of 8.4 years of education, 1.6 years longer than in 2000 and 0.2 years longer than Hebei men. The women's illiteracy rate has dropped to 4.6 percent.

Moreover, up to 97.2 percent of Hebei women aged below 35 have had prenatal examinations and 97.9 percent gave birth in hospitals, which is far higher than the national averages.

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