Sport, National Identity and Globalization

  • November 4, 2013
  • By Yang Xiaolin
  • Editor: Yang Zixin
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Sport, National Identity and Globalization
Sport and culture in the context of globalization were addressed by Steve Jackson, Vice president of the International Sociology of Sport Association, during a forum on women, sports and the 'Chinese Dream' at the sports center in Peking University in Beijing on October 31, 2013. []
Sport and culture in the context of globalization were addressed by Steve Jackson, Vice president of the International Sociology of Sport Association, during a forum on women, sports and the 'Chinese Dream' at the sports center in Peking University in Beijing on October 31, 2013.

Jackson, gave thanks for the warm welcome he had received at Peking University and said his topic was national identity.

Editied highlights follow:

"The first point is the concept of nation and national identity. And the second is the role of sports in national identity, including positive and negative. The last includes, sports, national identity and globalization, globalization and new sports culture, the value of the gold medal for nations, immigrant and citizenship, global companies and corporate nationalism.

"How to delimit a nation by our imagination? We usually use a common outlook of value and culture to delimit ourselves when we come from a nation. We can also use signs such as the national flag and national anthem.

"A nation is not just a union of human with the same signs but a place for contention. Sport can be considered as special cultural practice to delimit a nation's identity, drawing enthusiastic audiences. Sport is a ideal media for cultural propaganda. Hosts can show their national culture. Large-scale events offer people a chance to learn more about foreign cultures and attract tourists. Negative effects … some events may be used by political power. Some corruption and intrigue exist in this field.”

Jackson used examples to elaborate on globalization and new sport culture, the value of a gold medal for nations, immigration and citizenship, global companies and corporate nationalism.

In general, many studies show the concept of 'nation' has been weakened and studies now are attaching greater importance to the trend of globalization and its development.

The Fourth Peking University International Forum of Sports, Society and Culture, which was held on October 31, 2013-November 1, 2013, aimed to discuss the value of sports in the achievement of the 'Chinese Dream', how to help women realize their full potential in sports and combine their development with the 'Chinese Dream'.

Scholars, government officials, professional sports workers, companies and media representatives from China and other countries attended the forum and delivered reports at the forum held by the Peking University Research Center for Sport, Society and Culture.


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A sports forum opened at the 'May 4th' Sports Center in Peking University on October 31, 2013, to discuss various topics related to women in sports.

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