Matchmaking Website Info Possibly Leaked for Bizarre High-End Dating Event

October 14, 2013
Editor: Sun Xi
Matchmaking Website Info Possibly Leaked for Bizarre High-End Dating Event
A woman is hooked up to a lie detector at a bizarre high-end dating event held in a jade store in Beijing on October 7, 2013. []
Around 70 women attended a bizarre high-end dating event held in a jade store in Beijing on October 7, 2013, at which they were hooked up to a lie detector and asked to buy jade and cosmetic products.

The organizer of the event was the 'Chinese Single Beauty Alliance', which claims to have many wealthy male clients. The alliance said that in August 2013, it had begun compiling a list of 100 most beautiful single women in China's 10 biggest cities and will release the list in December at an event for 50 of its wealthiest members.

The alliance also said that the women at the Beijing event had attended on their own initiative, but an undercover journalist who also attended the event found that at least 10 of the women had never heard of the alliance and were notified of the event through cell phone messages. The messages promised the women that they would be able to meet wealthy men at the event.

However, only one man was present, a freelancer who claimed to earn a seven-digit income a year.

Each of the women attendees was given a form to fill in their personal information, including physical measurements, skin and appearance details. They were also asked to buy jade products.

The owner of the jade store said that they had rented out the place to the alliance for half a day and that they would pay the alliance a rebate for the sales the event brought them. The alliance representatives denied this.

There was also an 'image consulting desk' for the attendees, where the women were promoted to buy certain cosmetic products. The undercover journalist called the phone number the 'consultant' gave to her and found that the consultant was in fact an agent for a U.S. cosmetic brand. She claimed to be a friend of the chief inspector of the alliance.

Bizarrely, the attendees were also hooked up to a lie detector to talk about their dating preferences. However, the machine failed to detect the lies that the undercover journalist told intentionally.

As the attendees were all registered members of, one of China's major dating websites, they believe that their information was leaked. According to the official website of the alliance, its founder Zhang Rui claims to have worked at as a manager for around two years. later confirmed that Zhang had worked for them previously, but as a matchmaker. representatives have stated that they have never worked with the alliance and will report the situation to their company authorities. "We have no evidence yet that Zhang leaked the information. But if our members want to protect their rights through legal channels, we will help them," was the statement from

Luxury matchmaking events have been on the rise in China, with most aimed at matching up beautiful young women with wealthy men.

In July this year, more than 1,300 women in north China's Tianjin Municipality competed for a chance to date a millionaire, completing tasks such as ironing, cooking and tying a necktie. The organizers of the event claimed that the men - whose identities were kept secret - were worth an average of US$ 25 million each.

In addition to being judged on their looks and housekeeping abilities, the women were also assessed by psychologists and their friends and colleagues interviewed by the organizers.

Many netizens have bitterly denounced these events as a sign of money worship, a serious social illness in China.

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